Will of William Gunn
Granville County, North Carolina
died 1814
I, William Gunn, being at this time, very indisposed and weak of body, though of sound memory
and knowing it is appointed for all men to die, do make this my last will and testament in manner
and form following:

Imprimis,  I give to my two sons,  John  and William,  the whole of the land whereon I now live to
be divided in the following manner;

beginning where Elijah Gunns line crosses the branch to the fence that divides the plantation,
between John Gunn and myself, thence with said fence to the south boundary of my land,  my son
John to have the land lying on the east of said line,  and my son William, the land lying on the
west side,....to them and their heirs forever.

My will is that my two sons,  John and William,  should take my wife to live with one or the other
of them,  and both bare an equal proportion of the expense of supporting her, during her life, for
and in consideration of the aforesaid gift,  and also that they pay to my son Allan Gunn, thirty

Item:  I give my son Elijah Gunn five shillings.   Also to my sons, Ezchiel Gunn, and my daughter
Mary Gunn, five shillings each, to be raised out of my goods and chattles.

The balance of my property of every discription, to be appropriated to the payments of my just
debts.   I appoint my sons, John  and William  as executors to this, my last will and testament.

Given under my hand and seal this 18th day of February 1814

William (X) Gunn (his mark)
Mary (X) Umstead   (her mark)

cgm notes:

Little is known about William Gunn whose will is above.  In 1762, he recieved a land grant of 600
acres from Lord Granville, on the waters of Buffalo and Mill Creeks.

It may be coincidence that John Gunn 1728-1780 also received a land warrant in 1788, on the
waters of Mill Creek, in that portion that was in Caswell County, North Carolina.  This John Gunn
was a son of Thomas and Sarah Boatwright Gunn.  This John Gunn married Olive [unknown]

A long time search for the children William mentioned in his will, found only a John Gunn, who
married Nancy Anne Weaver in Granville County, in 1802, a reasonable assumption is John is the
son William Gunn.  Without exception none of the children mentioned were found in North
Carolina records, by this researcher.