Will of William Gunn
Talaferro County, Georgia
I, William Gunn Senior, being of sound and disposing mind, but calling to mind the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do
make and publish, this my last will and testament, hereby revoking entirely and totally, all others heretofore made and published by

First:  It is by will and desire that all my property, save only my lands and negroes, be sold;  that my executors hereinafter named,
have full discretion and power to sell the land, and negroes, or any part of either, if they shall see fit, and to sell on such times and
terms, as they may deem best.

Second:  It is my will and desire that a portion of two thousand dollars - value to be composed of money and other property in such
proportion as my executors may deem proper  9such other property entering into the composition thereof to be valued by three
disineterested men) shall be held by my said executors for the support and maintenance of my beloved wife,  Pleasants,  for and
during her natural life.

Third:  It is my will and desire, after the payment of my just debts and the provision aforesaid for my wife Pleasants, the whole of
my estate, real or personal,  including the sume of nine hundred and seventy-five dollars, heretofore advanced to my son, William
N. Gunn,  and the sum of twelve hundred and fifty dollars, heretofore advanced to my son Richard, shall be divided into four equal

Fourth:  One of said portion I give to my son William N. Gunn.

Fifth:  Another of said portions, I give to my son Richard gunn.

Sixth:  Another of said portions I give to my daughter Mary Askin.

Seventh:  Another of said portions I give to my son Richard Gunn, in trust for the sole and separate use of my daughter,  Nancy
Gunn,  for and during her natural life, and in trust to convey the same at her death to such persons excepting her mother, and her
brother John R. Gunn, and his descendants, as would then be her heirs and legal distributes, were she to die sole.....illegible...after
having been married.

Eighth:  It is my will and desire, that the portion above given to my wife Plesants,  together with the surplus proceeds thereof after
defraying the expenses of her support and maintenance, shall at her death, be divided into four equal portions, and given one
portion to each, of the legatees mentioned in teh preceeding fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh clauses,  and upon the same trusts in
the case of each legatee, as there set forth said clauses as to the same legatees.

Ninth:  It is my will and desire that my son,  John R. Gunn,  having already received an equitable portion of my estate, may take
nothing further under this will.

Tenth:  In the case of the death of one of my trustees herein appointed,  I rely upon a Court of Chancery to carry out the trust herein

Eleventh:  I hereby consitute and appoint my sons,   William N. Gunn,  Richard Gunn,  and Frederick E. Askin executors of this my
last will and testament.

Made published and sealed this the second day of February,  Eighteen hundred and fifty-four.

William  (X) his mark Gunn, Senior
In the presence of:
William Rhodes,     Nathan Gilbert,    Absalom Rhodes,   
Taliaferro County Court of Ordinary
April Term  1854
Will Book A.   pages 234-235

cgm notes:
William "Buck" Gunn was born December 5, 1789 in Brunswick County, Vrignia.  He was the son of Richard S. and Elizabeth Radford Gunn.    He
was one of nine children.   On Feb 5, 1811 William married Pleasants Stevens in Warren County, North Carolina.  The couple had seven children:

1.  Jincey Gunn born 1811 died young
2.  John Robert Gunn b. 1813 who married Sally Chapman
3.  William Nelson Gunn b. 1814 who married   Lovincy McGinty
4.  Richard Gunn b. 1817 who married Martha Ann Rhodes
5.  Mary A. Gunn b. 1819 who married  Frederick Askin
6.  Raphel Gunn b. 1821  died young
7.  Nancy Gunn b. 1823