Will of William B. Gunn
Nottoway County, Virginia
I William B. Gunn of the County of Nottoway, State of Virginia di
hereby make this my last Will and Testament, revoking all others
by me, heretofore made.

1.  I direct that my executrix hereinafter named, pay my just debts
and funeral expenses.

2.  It is my will and desire that my beloved and faithful wife, Mary
F. Gunn, shall have the use of my entire estate during her lifetime.

3.  It is my will and desire, that my entire landed estate, be equally
divided between my two daughters,  Mary Adaline   and Josephine,
to descend to the formal heirs of their bodies.  If Josephine should
not marry and become the mother of a living femal [sic] child, then
at her death,  I give her portion to the femal [sic] children of my
daughter Mary Adelina, and my son Livingston F.

4.  It is my will and desire, that all my personal property shall be
divided equally between my children;  Mary Adelina,   Livingston
F.,  Savala P.,  Josephine,  and John B, except that a due bill of one
hundred dollars ($100) of my son Thomas B. Gunn, is to be
returned to him, and no payment exacted.  This is to make him
equal in this distribution to my other children above named, and
moreover, that my son John B. shall have my silver watch at
valuation - the watch to be included in his portion of the estate.

5.  I hereby appoint and constitute my wife,  Mary F. Gunn,
excutrix of this my last will and testament, to be assisted by my
sons, Livingston F., and Savala P., as their mother may need and
desire them serviced, and moreover having the utmost confidence
in my beloved wife,  I request that no security shall be required of

In witness whereof, I herewith affix my hand and seal this tenth day
of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five.

Signed and Sealed in the presence of
Thomas K. Bridgeforth
T. S. Heartly

[seal[  W. B. Gunn
cgm notes:

William B. Gunn was the son of Burwell and Mary
Shackleford Gunn of Nottoway County, Virginia.  William
was one of ten children, and was born in 1817 second from
the eldest child.  He grew up on his father's plantation.  He
married Mary Frances Jones in Nottoway County, on  April
23, 1841 in a ceremony by Elder J. W. Creath, a Methodist
minister at Cove Springs Church.

William B. and Mary Frances Jones Gunn were the parents
of eight known children, seven survived infancy.

Mary Adeline b. 1842 who married Richard Henry Cobb
Thomas B. Gunn b. 1844 who married Mary E. Duncanson
Livingston "Levy" Gunn b. 1848 who married Lou Ann
Susan W. Gunn b. 1850
Josephine Gunn b. 1852  married Ketter Barnes
Savala Porter Gunn b. 1850 who married cousin, Etta Ellen
John B. S. Gunn b. 1855 who married Virginia Hinton
dau. E. F. Gunn b. 1858 who died young.