Will of W. E. L. Burruss

Spotsylvania County, Virginia
In the name of God Amen,

I,  W. E. L. Burruss, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and fully
realizing the certainty of death, and the uncertainty of life, do make and
ordain this, my last will and testament.

I bequeath my twelve year old bay horse to my son, Alpheus Burruss, and I do
bequeath to Emma Burruss, wife of my son Alpheus, my cow, one bed, and
bedstead, two chairs, one bureau, one cooking stove and utensils, and all
poultry, whereof I may died seized and possessed.

I bequeath to Odell Burruss, one bed and bedstead, two trunks, and two

Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of December 1908.

W. E. L. Burruss [seal]

Stokley Coleman
L. H. Harris

In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Spotsylvania County, January 31, 1910, a writing
purporting to be the last will and testament of W. E. L. Burruss deceased, was presented in the office
before me, L. A. Harris,  Clerk of the Circuit Court of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and offered for
probate and said writing being fully proven, by the oaths of Stokely Coleman, and L. H. Harris, the two
subscribing witnesses thereto.    Where upon the said writing is ordered to be recorded as the trus and last
will and testament of said W. E. L. Burruss, deceased.

cgm notes:

William E. L. Burruss was born May 7, 1832 in Louisa County, Virginia.  He was the son of Overton and
Ann Garret Burruss, one of their ten children.  He married Martha Dickerson Burruss in Caroline
County, Virginia on Jan 5, 1860.  Apparently William and his wife Martha, for reasons that escape this
author, were estranged from their daughter Emma who had married Robert Pendleton.  Odell Burruss,
mentioned in William's will was the son of Nelson Lee Burruss who was deceased.  Alpheus Burruss was
his son, and along with his wife Emma Orran Carter Burrus, received the lion's share of William's
assets.  His wife Martha died in March 1908.  William died on Nov 4, 1909.