Will of Thomas Gunn
b.c. 1753 - 1796
Person County, North Carolina
Book G.G.
page 257

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Thomas Gunn of Person County and State of North Carolina being of sound
mind and memory, thanks be to God for his Mercy, and calling to mind the
uncertain state of man, and that it is appointed for all me to die, do make this my
Last Will and Testament in the Manner and form following; that is to say:

Item:  First I desire that all the property I am now possessed with shall be sold to
pay my just debts, after my just debts is all paid, my desire is the over plus, should
be layed in the hands of Daniel Gun for the support of my wife and children.

Item:  My will and desire is that at the death of my mother, if my part of my
father's estate should amount to one or two negroes, that they be hired out till my
son Gabriel Gun comes of age and the money arising equally divided between my
two children, and if there is any more of my father's estate comes to my part, then
has been mentioned, I desire my wife and children should have it to support

Item:  I give my wife one hundred and twenty seven acres land to her, her heirs,
and assign forever, in Halifax County, Virginia on the waters of Childers Creek,
and I do hereby constitute and appoint my brother Daniel Gunn, my sole executor
to this my last will and testament ........illegible...shing all other wills heretofore
made this _______day of March 1796.

Signed Seal and Published and declared by the Testator in the presence of
John Gwinn (Gunn?)
Ruben (Rebecca?) Gun
Jesse Gunn

Thomas Gunn (Seal)

Person County
September Term 1796
The executor of this will was duly proved in open court and ordered to be
recorded.  Thomas Gunn is reported to have left an heir Gabriel Gunn who was
over 14 in 1809.

Wife and one son are unnamed.