CIRCA 1700 - 1777
Amelia County, Virginia
Amelia County, Virginia
Will Book Two
Pages 303 and 304

In the name of God Amen,
I Thomas Gunn, Sr., of sound and disposing mind and memory, think it necessary to make and ordain this, my last will and testament, which is as

Item:  I desire that my loving wife, Sarah Gunn should have the whole of my estate both real and personal in possession during her natural life,
and after her death, to be disposed of as follows:

Thomas Gunn after the death of my wife, to him and his heirs, on his paying the following legacies.

Item: I give to my daughter Rebechkah Webb, 5 pounds to be paid her in five years.

Item:  I give to my daughter Elizabeth Sharp, 5 pounds to be paid her in five years.

Item:  I give Sara Yarle [Yaxle], 5 pounds to be paid in five years.

Item: to my son Wm. Gunn, 5 pounds to be paid in five years.

Item:  to my son John Gunn, 5 pounds to be paid in five years

Item:  to my daughter Mary Jeffres, 5 pounds to be paid in five years.

Item:  to my son Jas. Gunn, 5 pounds to be paid in five years.

Item:  to my daughter Edy Hogan 5 pounds to be paid in five years.

Item:  to my son Daniel Gunn, 5 pounds to be paid in five years.

Item:  to my son Elisha Gunn 60 pounds to be paid ten pounds a year.

Item:  to my grandson, Sterling Gunn, son of Thomas Gunn, my negro boy named Cupit, to him and his heirs.

Lastly, I appoint and ordain my son Thomas Gunn, my whole and sole Executor to this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof, I have set my hand and seal, this 7th day of Marach, one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven.

Thomas (X) Gunn
his mark

cgm notes:  Thomas Gunn and his descendants belong to a group of Gunns apparently unrelated to any other Gunn line,  found to date.  The descendants of Thomas Gunn
and his wife Sarah Boatwright Gunn are numerous throughout the United States.

Hennings statues record Thomas as having given supplies during the American Revolution.  The earliest extant records of Thomas Gunn appear in 1723 in Henrico
County, Virginia where he's mentioned as owning land adjacent to lands in the patent of Henry Atkinson.  The birth of son William Gunn is recorded in New Kent parish
records in 1725.  Both of these records indicate a birth year for Thomas Gunn circa 1700, rather than 1680 as some family trees have indicated.    In 1733 Thomas is
mentioned in land records of Henrico County, Virginia when John Langford sells 50 acres to Thomas Gunn of Hanover County, Virginia.  Several deeds between
1733-1745 indicate Thomas lived in Henrico County, Virginia and owned land around Horsepen Creek, in present day Richmond, before relocating to Amelia County,
Virginia circa 1745.

As some speculate Thomas Gunn descended from Thomas Gunn, an English soldier who arrived in Virginia during Bacon's Rebellion.  After years of searching records of
Bacon's Rebellion and soldiers who served, no mention was found of anyone with the surname Gunn. Legend claims Thomas Gunn the soldier lived near Petersburg, 30
miles south of Richmond, and his son is the Thomas Gunn in this will.    I have seen nothing to indicate much less document that this Thomas Gunn lived south of the
James River, or any record mentioning a possible father.  DNA has not been helpful, despite the fact that other Gunns (John Gunn, James Gunn) owned land around
Horsepen Creek, in Henrico County, Thomas Gunn is not biologically related to them.  Perhaps he was a ward of other Gunns, but if so, the records are no longer extant.

Thomas and Sarah Boatwright Gunn were the parents of eleven children:

Rebeccah Gunn b.c. 1721 married Samuel Webb.
Elizabeth Gunn b.c. 1723 married Samuel Sharp
Sarah Gunn b.c. 1724 married Robert Yaxley
William Gunn, Sr. b. 1725 married Hannah White.  He died 1797  in Brunswick County, Virginia
John Gunn b.c. 1728 married Olive (surname unknown) and possibly Mary.  He died in Caswell County, NC in 1780
James Gunn, Sr. b.c 1731 married  Elizabeth (surname unknown) and Joice (surname unknown) and died circa 1807 in Nottoway County, Virginia
Edith "Edy" Gunn b.c. 1733 married Edward Hogan and died circa 1808 in Amelia County, Virginia
Mary "Polly" Gunn b.c. 1734 married Thomas Jeffress and died circa 1810 in Nottoway County, Virginia
Daniel Gunn b.c. 1735 married Elizabeth Yancey and died 1798 in Lunenburg County, Virginia
Thomas Gunn, Jr. b.c. 1738 married four times Susannah Burnett, Sarah Davenport, Ann Worsham, Eleanor Halverson, and died 1800 in Caswell County, Virginia
Elisha Gunn b.c. 1740 may have married Elizabeth Nance (unproven) and died circa 1802 in Rockingham County, NC/