Robertson County, Tennessee
I, Thomas Gunn, Sr., of the Country of Robertson, and State of Tennesee, do by these presents, constitute and ordain this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all
others.  In primisus to say,

I give to my wife, Frances Gunn, during her natural life to dispose at her pleasure (viz) the land that my mansion house is on; the land I bought of William Ship; the
land I bought of William Christy; the land I bought of David Turlock; the land I bought of Peyton Williams; the land I bought of Spotswood Scott and wife Caroline;
and the land I obtained by virture of a Kentucky warrant, with all my farming tools, household and kitchen furniture, with all my plantation carriages, together with my
negro men, Sye and Joe, for life, and Lilda, Daniel Jim and Edy to her and her heirs forever,  and her choice of two horses in the farm, two cows and calves, six sheep,
twenty yearling hogs, four bredding sows, and twenty pigs, and one half the crop on hand at my death, and one years provision for her family.

To confirm all my former gifts to my children:

First, my daughter Martha Bell, two negroes, Lucy and Sally to her and her heirs forever.
Second: to my granddaughter, Martha C. Scott, in the right of her father, the money I let S. H. Scott have after marriage with what property I have given to my son in
his life.
Third: I give to my daughter, Nancy Gunn, two negroes, Caty and Ibby, to her and her heirs forever.
Fourth:  I give to my daughter, Priscilla Gardner, two negroes to her and her heirs forever (Dooly and Silvy) at her request, I secure as a loan to her for life, and then to
her children [from] what of my estate she may receive.
Fifth:  I give to my son, James Gunn, two negroes, Dilsey and Isaac, to him and his heirs forever.
Sixth:  I give to my daughter. Betsey Bell, two negroes, Candis and Bob, to her and her heirs forever.
Seventh: I give to my daughter, Sally Bell, two negroes, Will and Auck, to her and her heirs forever.
Eighth:  I give to my daugheter Mary G. Bailey, two negroes, Major and Eliza, to her and her heirs forever.
Ninth:  I give to my daughter Phebe L. Raimey, two negroes Hannah and Harod, to her and her heirs forever.
Tenth:  I give to my duaghter, Frances C. Gunn two negroes ......and Milley, to her and her heirs forever
Eleventh:  I give to my daughter Harriet T. Gunn, two negroes, Abraham and Frances, to her and her heirs forever.

The balance of my property to be sold or divided as my heirs think best.  Everyone that is aforesaid named having an equal share, so as to share and share alike, only to
keep my land in reserve until my wife sees proper to give it up, then to be equally divided with all my lawful legatees (viz) Martha Bell, Nancy Gunn, Martha C. Scott,
Priscilla Gardner, James Gunn, Betsey Bell, Richard W. Bells' two children Mary and Allen Bell, Mary G. Bailey, Phebe Raimey, Frances C. Gunn, and Harriet T. Gunn.

In conclusion the terms of the division of my estate that may be on hand at my death to be equally divided with all of my heirs on the condition of their signing a deed
of release from all claims on my estate whatsoever, of any kind or complexion, before they receive any part that may be on hand at my death, and if refusing to comply
with these conditions, then they shall be considered to have had their full share of my estate, and that portion to fall into the bulk of my remaining estate, and be
divided among those of my children that complies with the conditions of this, my last will and testament.

Now I request my only son, James T. Gunn, and John Bell to be my executors, to see that this my last will and testament be carried into effect, to the last letter.  In
testimony, I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this 29th day of October 1849.

Singed, Sealed and Delivered
Thomas Gunn
In the presence of Noel Burton and F. Pride.
cgm notes:
Thomas Gunn was born in 1770 in Amelia County, Virginia, the son of Thomas Gunn and Susannah Burnett.  He was a Methodist minister, as was his brother James R. Gunn.    He married three
times;  first to Martha "Patsy" Graves in 1792 in Caswell County, North Carolina.  Their children were:  Martha G. Gunn who married Jesse E. Bell;   Miles Gunn who died in 1821 and married
Tempe Fisher Webb;  Nancy Graves Gunn who married her first cousin Alexander Gunn;  Priscilla Gunn who married  Jesse Gardner.   Thomas' first wife Martha Graves Gunn died in 1801.

In 1802 Thomas married second to Martha "Patty" Miles in Caswell County, North Carolina.  Their children were: James Tunce Gunn who married his first cousin Harriet P. Gunn;  Elizabeth
"Betsey" Gunn who married John William Bell, Jr;  Sarah "Sallie" Gunn who died in 1838 and married Richard William Bell;  Mary G. Gunn who married three times, the last husband was
Harmon Gabriel Bailey;  John Allen Gunn who died in 1839.  Thomas' second wife Martha Graves Gunn died in 1829 in Robertson County, Tennessee.

In 1825 Thomas Gunn married lastly to Frances Kilgore.  Their children were:  Phebe Lea Gunn who married James Milton Ramey;   Frances Caroline Gunn;  Harriett Gunn who married T.
Marion Henry in 1851.
The granddaughter Martha C. Scott, mentioned in this will, was the only child of Thomas' son Miles and his wife Tembe Fisher.  Martha Carolina Gunn Scott was the wife of Spottswood Scott,

In 1784, Thomas received his license to preach.  About 1791 his family moved from Amelia County, Virginia to Caswell County, North Carolina.  In the spring of 1812, Thomas Gunn followed his
brother James, also a minister, who had moved in 1811 to Robertson County, Tennessee.  Thomas located on the Red River, just across the state line from Logan County, Kentucky, and about ten
miles from brother James R. Gunn.  In 1816 Thomas purchased land and settled his family about one mile from brother James,

From Methodism in Tennesse, we're told he was about about six feet tall, well muscled, and had a strong voice that could be heard at great distance.  About 1840, at the age of 70, and suffering
from palsy, Thomas Gunn was thrown or fell from his horse, breaking his hip.  It is said he then preached from a chair.  A few years later, he experienced a series of strokes, that left him paralized
and speechless.   He died May 22, 1859. He left a large family, and fortunately for descendants, he left behind his family record, recorded in his family Bible and this will, and lastly his published
obituary, all available to peruse on this web site.