Will of Thomas Burruss
Caroline County, Virginia

Microfilm-Library of Virginia
Caroline County Wills and Plats 1742-1830
#29 postitive Reel 7
In the Name of God Amen.

I Thomas Burruss of Caroline County, being greatly afflicted in body, but of sound and disposing mind do make and
ordain this my last will and testament.

Item:  After the payment of my just debts, I leave the balance of my estate to my wife during her widowhood, or untill
the youngest son, by my first wife shall attain lawful age, and after her paying all my first wifes' children that are married
and unmarried, a legacy equal to what I gave Charles and Rachel, my first two children that are married, and at her
death to be equally divided amongst them all.

Item:  The 35 acres of land that I sold John Sutton, I wish my executors to make a title to, provided he will pay the
balance that is due with the interest thereon due the settlement of our accounts, but should he fail to do so, I desire my
executors to sell the said thirty-five acres and refund Sutton the money he advanced without interest and apply the
balance to the payment of my debts.

Item:  It is my will that my sons, Thomas and Samuel and my three children be educated out of my estate in a plain way,
and on the cheapest plan that can be had and lastly, I appoint my brother Henry Burruss, and my son,  Charles Burruss
executors of this my last will, revoking all others by me made.

Given my hand and seal this the 7th day of March 1824.

Thos. Burruss

CODICIL:  of this my last Will I desire my executors to make Nancy and Elizabeth Bibb a title to fifty acres of land
whereon they live, as long as either of them chooze [sic] to occupy the same and after their death or removal to revert
back to my estate.

Witnessed by:

Garrett Hackett
Chiles Hackett

At a court held for Caroline County on the 13th day of April 1824, the last will and testament of Thomas Burruss,
together with the Codicil thereto annexed was proved by the oaths of two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be

Teste:  John S. Pendleton

Witnesses:  Garrott [sic] Hackett - Chiles Hackett - Sally T. Burruss

gm notes:

Thomas Burruss wrote this will on his death bed.   For a detailed account of his death, please read the
Burruss Letters
Mentioned in the will are:
Nancy and Elizabeth Bibb  -  I believe these women to be the sisters of Thomas Burruss' first wife, Knelly Bibb, but without
further research, can't be absolutely certain.
Garrett and Chiles Hackett are the half brothers of Thomas Burruss.  They shared the same mother, Rachel Terrell.  
Thomas Burruss along with his full brothers, was raised by his stepfather, Thomas Hackett.
Henry Burruss is the brother of Thomas Burruss.   Thomas was married twice.  He first married Knelly Bibb and they had
nine children before her death circa 1818.  He married second to Sarah Chiles, [named only as wife in his will] and they had
three children.
Thomas died at the age of 51, leaving behind 12 children.  The oldest child was son Charles Burruss who was 29 when his
father died.  The young sons, Thomas Burruss mentioned in his will were Thomas and Samuel, both sons of wife Knelly
Bibb.  His son, Thomas was born in 1807 and Samuel was born in 1816.
Sally T. Burruss, one of the witnesses, was the niece of Thomas, daughter of Henry Burruss.  Sally was born in 1797, and
two years after Thomas Burruss died, she married Robert Terrell.