Will Bond of Nancy Burruss
Caroline County, Virginia
Will Book 30
pages 172 and 173
Caroline County, Virginia

Know all men by the presents that we Elizabeth G.
Bibb, Thomas C. hackett, and Joseph M. Seay are unto
and fimrly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in
the just and full sum of Four Thousand Dollars to the
payment of which, well and truly to be made, we bind
ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators,
jointly and severally, firmly by these presents,
sealed with our seals and dated this 11 day of
October, 1858.   

The Condition of the above obligation is such that if
the said Elizabeth G. Bigg, administrator of Nancy
Burruss, deceased, shall faithfully discharge the
duties of her said office, then this obligation to be
boid else to remain in full force and virtue.

Elizabeth G. Bibb [seal]
Thos C. Hackett [seal]
Jos. M. Seay [seal]

Caroline County Court Oct 11, 1858.  This bond was
acknowledged by Elizabeth G. Bibb, Thos Hackett and
Jos M. Seay parties hereto and is ordered to be
Geo. Taylor

cgm note

Nancy Burruss was born August 18, 1798.  She was the daughter of Henry
Burruss and his first wife, Elizabeth Johnson.  She suffered as an adult
with what appears to be chronic depression, referred in letters written by
her father, as melancoly. She never married, but was the primary
care-giver of her father, who died in 1839.   She was very close to her
sister, Elizabeth Guinea Burruss who married Samuel Pleasants Bibb in
1838, and it explains why Elizabeth G. Burruss, was administrator of Nancy
Burruss' estate.  Nancy appears to have died intestate. Thomas C. Hackett
mentioned in the bond, was a half first cousin, the grandson of Thomas
Hackett who married Rachel Terrell Burruss, after the death of her first
husband, Rev. John Burruss.