Will of Nicholas P. Gunn
Will Book One
page 123
Tallapoosa County, Alabama
I, Nicholas P. gunn, a resident citizen of the County and State aforesaid, of sound
mind and disposing memory do make and publish the following, as my last will and
testament herby revoking all others.

First - It is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my two
sons,  James T. and Ichabod H. Gunn, as soon as possible after my decease.

Second - It is my will that my wife, Mahala Gunn and James T., and Ichabod H. Gunn,
my two sons, and Samantha Ann Gunn, my daughter, all to remain together, so long as
they remain unmarried, and I want my two sons, James T. and Ichabod H. Gunn to take
care of their mother during the remainder of her life, and to treat my duaghter
Samantha as a sister.

Third - It is my will that having done all that my ability would justify me in my
situation for my several children that are at this day married,  I am now still
unable to do more for them except my son, Elsberry B. Gunn, whom I have up to this
time, done nothing for.   It is my will that he shall have my effects,  a good
feather bed or its equivalent in value, to those given my other married children.

Fourth - It is my last will and testament, that for the love and other good reasons
that I give and bequeath my two sons namely, James T. and Ichabod H. Gunn, all my
land thereon I now reside, that is the North East Quarter of the North West
Quarter, and the North West Quarter of the North West Quarter of the North West
Quarter of Section Seven in the township twenty-two of Range twenty two east -
containing 80 acres more or less, with all the appurtenances thereunto, belonging
the right to vest in James T. and Ichabod H. Gunn, the same as the right now vests
in me, to have and hold forever.

Fifth -  It is my will that all the crop on my premises of any kind, at my decease
the same belongs to my two son James T. and Ichabod H. Gunn, as their right and
property, together with all the corn and fodder, wheat, oats, provisions, household
and kitchen furniture, farming tools, cooking utensils, all my hogs, cattle, and
horses, and our clock.  I will to and bequeath to my two sons above named, James T.
and Ichabod H. Gunn

Sixth - It is my will that there be no administration upon my estate.

Signed, sealed and published by me on this 29 day of May 1857
Done in presence of as witness
John W. Whilton
T.W. Kimbrough
R. G. Young, JP

Proven in open court by T. W. Kimbrough and J. W. Whilton
and ordered to be filed and recorded the 7th day of November 1857
and recorded May 7, 1858
simeon Goolsby, Judge of Probate.

cgm notes:
Nicholas P. Gunn is an unproven son of George and Nancy "Anne" Mosley.  According
to census records, Nicholas was born in Virginia and died in Tallapoosa County,
Alabama.  Also in Tallapoosa County was Moses B. Gunn who was the son of Daniel and
Susan Street Gunn.  Moses was a minister as was Nicholas P. Gunn's son Elsberry,
mentioned in this will.

If a Gunn male from the line joins the Gunn DNA Project, then it would be possible
to tie Nicholas P.Gunn to the correct line of the Gunn family.  There was a
publication of the George and Margaret Morrison Gunn line, of Richmond County,
North Carolina/Clarke County Mississippi that claims, without documentation, that
Nicholas was their son.  There is no evidence that Nicholas P. Gunn was ever a
resident of Richmond County,NC.  As of July 2009, the father of Nicholas P. Gunn is

The children of Nicholas P. Gunn are:
1.  John W. Gunn born 1819 probably in Greene County, Georgia.  John married Mary
Fields on September 2, 1859 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.  John died in Virginia
during the Civil War.  He was the father of eight children.
2.  George Thomas Gunn born 1824 in Upson County, Georgia.  George married Maria
Ann (sometimes Martha Ann Blow on Dec 7, 1848 in Bexar County, Texas.  He was the
father of 13 children.
3.  Elsberry B. Gunn was a minister, born 1831 in Upson County, Georgia married
three times; first to Sarah Ann Biggs in 1851; Nancy Ann Fuller in 1866; and Lucy
A. Jones in 1873.  Elsberry was the father of 19 children, not all survived infancy.
4.  Mary A. Gunn b.c.1833 in Upson County, Georgia married John F. Fielder in 1852
5.  Iverson S. Gunn b. 1832 in Upson County, Georgia married Mary [unknown] and was
the father of Annie born 1868 and Minnie born February 1870. Nothing more is known
6.  James T. Gunn born 1833 in Upson County, Georgia married Nancy E. Brook October
9. 1851.  James apparently died between 1860-1870.  He last appeared in the 1860
census of Coosa County, Alabama.
10. Ichabod H. Gunn was born 1836 in Upson County, Georgia.  He appeared in the
1860 census of Tallapoosa County, Alabama, but was not found again.
11. Samantha Gunn born 1838 in Upson County, Georgia married Wilson Woodard in
Russell County, Alabama on October 7, 1856.

Wife Mahala Gunn was found on the 1860 census, no other records has been found.