Will of Melissa Yates
Robertson County, Tennessee
I Mrs. Melissa A. Gunn, being of sound mind and disposing memory do make, publish, and declare this to be my last will and
testamentm hereby revoking and making boid, all other wills be me at any time heretofore made.

1st.  It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid.

2nd.  As I have already given to my daughter, Mrs. Bessie Strange, her full share of my estate, and as much as I intend for her to have,
I now will to her five dollars, and no more.

3rd.  I will, give, and bequeath to my two daughters, Mrs. Ruth Henry,  and Mrs. Lena Scoggins,  to be theirs for and during the term
of their natural lives, and then to their bodily heirs - the farm upon which I now live, in the 2nd Civil District of Robertson County,
Tennessee, and being the same which my father deeded to me on the 4th day of October 1903, containing 175 acres to be divided
between them equally as to valuation.   Now if either of said daughters shoud die, and leave no bodily heirs - her share or legacy shall
go to the survivor and my granddaughter, Ester Morgan, to be equally divided between them, as to valuation, for and during the term
of their natural lives, and then to their bodily heirs.

4th.  I will all of the balance and rest and residue of my estate, to my said two daughters,  Mrs. Ruth Henry, and  Mrs. Lena Scoggins,
including the rent of the farm, one hundred and eight dollars per year, which my said father,  John L. Yates, is to pay me during his
lifetime, to be equally divided between them.  

I nominate and appoint the said Ruth Henry and Lena Scoggins, executrixes of this, my Last Will and Testament with bond or security.


Melissa A. Gunn

Witneesed by J. A. Gunn and W. P. Featherson.

In a court deposition dated August 24, 1907, Melissa stated that she was 58 years old and lived near Orlinda, Tennessee.

Melissa A. Gunn born 10-28-1849 died March 4, 1914, and is interred on the Yates Farm in the family cemetery in Robertson County,

cgm notes:

Melissa A. Gunn 1849-1914 was born in Robertson County, Tennessee the daughter of John L. and Priscilla Gorham Yates.  She married
Albert Bascom Gunn on Feb 14, 1872 in Robertson County, Tn.  He was the son of James Tunce Gunn and his first cousin Harriett P.

Melissa and Albert Bascom Gunn were the parents of the following children:

1. Tidie B. Gunn born 1872 who married first to a Mr. Morgan who was deceased in 1900.  Tidie and Mr. Morgan had one child Ester
Morgan b. June 1890 in Robertson County, Tn,  Second, Tidie married H. M. Allison who was also a widower.  Tidie died in 1903
2.  Elizabeth "Bessie" Gunn born 1874  married Clarence M. Strange (he was a widower)
3.  Albert Bascom Gunn, Jr. born 1878 died 1892 [single]
4. Ruth G. Gunn born 1882 married William M. Henry
5. Lena L. Gunn born 1884 married Houston Scoggina in 1905

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