Wife of Richard Henry Cobbs, daughter of
William B. Gunn and Mary Frances Jones Gunn
Nottoway County, Virginia
I Mary A. Cobbs of the town of Blackstone, State of Virginia, being of sound
mind and disposing memory do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my
last will and testament, hereby revoking all previous wills by me made.

First:  I hereby direct that after the payment of all my past debts and feneral
expenses, a head stone be placed at my grave and one at my husband's grave
with brief incriptions to paid for, out of my estate.

Second:  I give, devise, and bequeath to my daughter Mary A. Chapin, in fee
simple and absolutely, the following real estate in the town of Blackstone,
Virginia;  two lots, numbered 7449 and 751 North Main Street, together with all
buildings on the said lots, and one vacant lot on High Street numbered 740.

Third:  I give, devise, and bequeath to son son R. W. Cobbs in fee simple and
absolutely the following real estate in the town of Blackstone, Virginia: three
lots numbered 750, 756, 757 North Main Street together with all building on the
said lots, and two vacant lots numbered 752, 754 on High Street.

Fourth:  I desire my household and kitchen furniture to be sold and the
proceeds of sale, together with what money I may have left, to be equally
divided between my daughter, Mary A. Chapin and my son R. W. Cobbs.

Fifth:  I give to my neice, Hester F. Gunn, my half interest in the large mirror in
the parlor which is owned jointly by myself and my sister, Josephine Branes.

Sixth:  I am endorser on a note for $225.00 made to my son R. W. Cobbs,
payable to W. T. and F. C. Gunn.  I desire my executor hereinafter named to
apy the said not out of my son's (R. W. Cobbs) interest in my estate.

Seventh:  I desire to explain that the organ in my home belongs to my daughter,
Mary A. Chapin and the silver watch belongs to my son R. W. Cobbs, which
was given to them before this, my will, was written.

Eight:  I hereby appoint J. W. Jones of Blackstone, Virginia my executor of this
my last will and testament, and I direct no security be required of him.

Given under my hand this 23rd day of March 1918.

Mary A. Cobbs (Seal)

Mary A. Cobbs
Nottoway Circuit Court
Clerks Office - October 18, 1918

A paper bearing date March 23, 1918, purporting to be the last will and testament
of mary A. Cobbs, deceased, was this day presented to the Clerk of The Circuit
Court for the County of Nottoway, Virginia and offered for probate.

cgm notes:
Josephine Gunn, sister of Mary A. Gunn Cobbs married Ketter Branes
W. T.Gunn F. C. Gunn were most likely her nephews William Thomas Gunn,and
Frank Cunningham Gunn the sons of Levy F. Gunn.
Hester Fields Gunn is the daughter of Levy F. Gunn