Will of
Jesse Thomas Gunn, Sr.
1779 - 1853
Chambers County, Alabama

Will Book 2, pages  383-384  (cgm: edited)

I, Jesse Gunn, senior, being in feeble health, do make this my last
will and testament to wit:

It is my desire that all my just debts be paid.  To my son James M.
Gunn, the house and lot, upon which he now resides in the village of
Fredonia, which lot was conveyed to me by John A. Hurst, but for
which no charge is to be made against said James M. Gunn, upon
distribution of my estate.

To my son John G. Gunn, I bequeath the lands on Sandy Creek (a
half section and location given) conveyed to me by Henry Emfinger
and in consideration for which the said John G. Gunn is to be
charged with the sum of $500.00, upon the divison of my estate.

Upon the division of my estate, son, George Gunn is be charged
with $300.00 for the horse, Hermit;  and son, Daniel G. Gunn is to
be charged with the sum of $600.00, which is the balance due on
property in Morgan County, Georgia, where I lived prior to
removal to Alabama

At the end of one year after my death, the slaves are to be divided
among my children to wit:  Mary Hartwell Mays, the wife of
Thomas Mays;  Elizabeth Ann McCowen, wife of Greenberry
McCowen;  George W. Gunn;  Daniel G. Gunn;  and John G.

My slave families are to be kept together.   Legatees are to select
their share of the slaves after an evaluation of same has been made,
but in the divison, my negro man, Marshall and his wife and their
children, are to become the property of George W. Gunn or his

Likewise, negro man Reuben; girl Lenisa, woman Lucy and two
younger children of Lucy, are to go to son John G. Gunn or his

If any inequality of the several lots of slaves is produced, the
difference is to made up from the proceeds of the crop, or from
other parts of my estate.

All of my children are to made equal in the balance of the estate,
both real and personal.

To my beloved wife, Eleanor Gunn, one seventh part of the value of
my estate in money for her support and at her death, to be equally
divided among all my children or the child or children of any
legatee who is deceased.

Executors are authorized to sell any part of my estate, whether lands
or personal property, including the land upon which I now reside,
not herein disposed.

Executors:  George W. Gunn, Daniel G. Gunn, John G. Gunn, and
James M. Gunn

Proved on the oaths of Abner Hill, Benjamin Hill, and William Fuller
on November 17, 1853  - Will probated on November 11, 1853

cgm notes:
Jesse Thomas Gunn was born in 1779 most likely in Caswell County, North Carolina, the
son of John Gunn and Olive (unknown).    He was living in Person County, N C in 1800
as was his brother Gabriel.  In 1802 in Granville County, NC he married Eleanor Howell.  
To this union seven children were born.    Jesse and his brothers obtained land in Georgia
in the Land Lottery, and settled there in the early 1800's.  He appeared in the early census
in Morgan County, but by 1840 he and Eleanor were living in Chambers County, Alabama
where he died.

According to newspapers, Jesse died from the ramifications of heart disease and had
suffered for eighteen months, prior to his death