In the name of God Amen            I Jesse T. Gunn of said State and County, being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life, deem
it right and proper that I should make a dispostion of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me, do therefore make this my last will and
testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me.

1st:  I will that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner, my sole [sic] I trust shall return to rise with the God who gave it.

2nd:  I will that all my just debts be paid by my executors, hereinafter named,  as soon after my death as possible.

3rd:  I will and desire that my children to wit:  Maddesson Gunn [sic], Augustus Gunn,  Julius Gunn, Ann Lofton family,  Ann Gunn, Emaline Lummus  
family, (Emaline Gunn) Miriam Cook family, (Miriam Gunn) Adeline Stodghill family, (Adeline Gunn) Narcissa Gunn, and Theresa Kitchens family
(Theresa Gunn), each be paid by my said executor out of my estate the sum of five dollars in addition to what they have already received by deed or

4th:  I hereby give and bequeath to my beloved wife Frances Gunn for and during her natural life for the benefit of the children I now have by her, and
those that I may hereafter have by her, all my lands not heretofore deeded off, all my stock of every kind and description, all my household and kitchen
furniture of every description, all my money, notes, and other evidences of debt, for and during her natural life, not to be subject to the debts or
contracts of any future husband she may have and at her death, the same to become the property of the children, I may have by her, the said Frances

5th: I hereby constitute my friends, William R. Bankston,  John W. Brady,  and Wiley W. Thaxton,  executors to this, my last will and testament, and
desire them to carry out the provisions of the same.

Witness my hand and Seal this the 2nd day of November 1868

Jesse T. Gunn
Signed, Sealed and Declared and and published by Jesse T. Gunn as his last will and testament in the presence of us, the subscribers, who subscribe our
names, hereto in the presence of said testator, (at his special ...illegible... and request, and of each other, this 2nd day of November 1868
Wm W. Settle
O.H.P. Slaton
H. W. Byars

cgm notes: Jesse Thomas Gunn was the son of Gabriel A. Gunn and Elizabeth Canter.  He was born in 1794 in Person County, North Carolina and was living in Hillsborough in 1800. In 1817 he
married Elizabeth Wellborn on December 15, in Morgan County, Georgia.   By 1830 Jesse T. Gunn had moved to Butts County, Georgia where lived until his death in 1876.   Jesse T. and Elizabeth
Wellborn had 12 children,

James Madison Gunn b. 1819
Mary Wellborn Gunn b. 1821 married Mark Simms after her father's death
Emmeline Gunn b. 1823 married Cornelius Lummus
Frankline Americus Gunn, b. 1829
Columbus C. Gunn b. 1827 not mentioned because Columbus died (1864) in during the Civil War.
Augustus Gabriel Gunn b. 1829
Julius Americus Gunn b. 1830
Anne Gunn b. 1831 married John T. Loftin
Mirian Gunn, b. 1833 married Zeno Cook
Adeline Gunn b. 1835 married Henry B. Stoghill who died in the Civil War.
Narcissa Anne Gunn b. 1843
Elizabeth Theresa Gunn b. 1849 married Thomas Kitchens

Jesse's first wife Elizabeth Wellborn Gunn died in 1860.  He married a second time on October 8, 1866 to Francis Martin.  Two sons were born during this marriage:

James Washington Gunn b. 1867
Jesse Thomas Gunn, Jr. b. 1868

Jesse Thomas Gunn died July 26, 1876 in Butts County, Georgia