New Haven Probate Records, Vol I, Part 2, p. 39ff.

 Will of Jasper Gunn


The last will & Testament of Jasper Gun of Milford in ye County of Newhaven/ Impr. I give to my son Jobamah a piece of land in ye new field, it is about 40 rod long: and from his side line now brake up to ye comon ffences. I suppose ten acres more or lesse./ - It. I give to my son Abell Gun ten pounds to be payd by my executors within 5 yeares after my decease. Allso I give unto Abell my phisick chest with all phisick & chirurgery things in it: Alsoe I give unto Abell all my phisick books: In case ye sd Abel gun dyes without heyrs, my will is yt my books & check be returned back to ye rest of my sons. Alsoe I give unto Abel my best cloath cloake & ye divinity Books he hath now of mine, and one of Mr. Hookers./ It: I give unto Daniell Gun my son halfe all my lands & meadows except Dreadfull Lott & my home lott: onely my will is yt Daniell shall have a piece of my home lott two roods wider than his brother Jobamahs orchard is, all the length of my homlott from Jobamahs orchard to the further end,/ It. I give to my son Samll my house, houseing orchard, gardens, & Dreadfull lott, with halfe my other lands & meadows, equally divided between Daniell & Samuell: Alsoe, I give unto Samuell my great Bible & fowling piece, and after his Mothers decease I give unto Samuell my best feather bed with all yt belongs to it./ It. I give to my sons Daniell & Samuell all my cattle, horses, cart & all implements belonging thereunto with my tools of all sorts, I say to be equally divided between ym two./ ffurther my will is, that when them two Daniell & Samuell shall part one from another to dwell by themselves, I say my will is, that Samuell joine with Daniell in labour & charge to build him such housings as I now have. - It. My will is, that my lou wife their mother shall have her dwelling in ye house & have ye parlor at her dispose dureing her life, & abiding in the house as shee shall (illegible word)/ - It. My will is, that Daniell & Samuell my sons, shall from time to time with all love & quietnes, provide all sutable food & phisicke & what else shee needs for her life time. - It. My will is, if Daniell or Samuell Dye without heyrs, that ye estate of either of them, shall return to ye survivor or survivors of my owne body. It. My will is, yt Daniell & Samuell my sons, shalle be my sole executors: It. I give to my daughter Mehetabell ffenn, one of Mr. Hookers books & Mr. Aynsworths Comunion of saints:

My deisre is that my loving brothers Jno Smith & Joseph Pecke shalle be overseers of this my last will./ - If my wife please she shall have twenty bushell of Corne, payd to her yearely by my executors yt is 5 of wheat, 5 Rye, 5 pease 5 Indyan./

Signed and confirmed with myne owne hand this Dec 25, 1670.

Jasper Gun

John Smith, Joseph Pecke, The witnesses were sworne in Court Jan 27, 1670. Inventory 288.0.10

Benjamin ffenn, George Clarke appraisers

Richard Platt