Robertston County, Tennessee
I, James T. Gunn, Sr., of the County of Robertson and State of Tennessee, of my own free will coming from a sound mind and a well matured plan,
do hereby and herein make known the order, disposition and heirship of all my estate, after my death, as set forth in this my will and testament to wit:

Item: 1st That my just debts be paid from the proceeds of the sale of land in the 5th Civil District of my county, known as the Moon Tract, containing about
100 acres.  Said land to be sold in such a way and on such terms as my Exr. may think best, and after paying my debts, the residue of money from the sake of
said land to be the property of my beloved wife, H.P. Gunn, in fee simple, and at her death if any of said funds be left, that it be used in erecting a substantial
rock wall around my burying ground, and if any be left from this, it be equally divided between my children.

Item: 2nd  I will that the proceeds from growing crops go to paying the hands employed in making crops, and the balance to go to my wife, H. P. Gunn, and
my two sons, J. T. Gunn, Jr. and t. M. R. Gunn, and that also these, one half the other stock, sheep, cattle, hogs, and c., and the other half be equally divided
between my 3 children to wit:  M. F. Young,  Barbary A. Warfield,  and A. B. Gunn

Item: 3rd  I will to my daughter, M. F. Young, (200) two hundred acres of land to be laid off from the LaPrade tract to include houses where she now lives, to
be on the south and west boundary of said tract and run back east - taking in the (....?) after her death to the heir of her body.

Item:  4th  I will to my daughter Barbary A. Warfield (200) two hundred acres of land from the north and west boundary of the LaPrade tract - laid off so as to
include the Big Spring and the settlement near where Ben LaPrade, colored, now lives, and in such a shape that the remainder of the LaPrade tract be joining and
be added to my homeplace.

Item:  5th  I will to my son, A. B. Gunn, (200) two hundred acres of land to be laid off from the east side of my home tract so as to include the house and
improvements where he now lives.

Item: 6th  The balance of my land, including my homestead about 380 acres, I bequeath jointly to my wife, H. P. Gunn, who is to have and to exercise a
controlling interest, and my two son,  James T. Gun and T. M. R. Gunn, as homes and for the maintenance of all, and a lot to be a home for my daughter,
Barbary A. Warfield,  with all the rights and privileges she has had while living with me, to care for her mother, to stay as long as she may wish.  After my
wife's death, said land of 380 acres to be the joint property of my two sons,  James T. Gunn, Jr., and T. M. R. Gunn,  and if they died without issue, to be
equally divided among my remaining heirs.

Item:  7th  I hereby appoint my neighbor,  W. Fort as executor to carry out all the provisions of this my will.  In testimony whereof, I hereunto affix my
signature in the presence of the subscribing witnesses,  this the 24th day of March 1882.

J. T. Gunn, Sr
Witnessed by Mr. Orndorff and W. D. Fort

Proven in open court in Robertson County, Tennessee during the July 1891 Court

cgm notes:
James Tunce Gunn was born April 30, 1804 in Caswell County, North Carolina.  He was the son of Rev. Thomas Gunn and wife
Martha "Patty" Miles Gunn.  When James T. Gunn was about 10-12 years old his parents moved to Robertson County, Tennesse where other
extended family were living.   In 1832 James T Gunn married his first cousin, Harriet P. Gunn in Robertson County.  Harriet was the child of
James R. Gunn (also a minister) and Barbara Walker.

James and Harriet P. Gunn had seven children.  Two of their sons died during the Civil War, Miles A. Gunn and John W. Gunn.
Miles died May 15, 1865 in Jackson hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and is buried there in Hollywood Cemetery.  John W. Gunn
died at Camp Douglas in Illinoise June 3, 1862.  Their children were.

Miles A. Gunn b. 1834
Margaret Francis Gunn b. 1836 married William Bascom Young
Barbary A. Gunn b. 1838 married Henry Clay Warfield
John W. Gunn b. 1841
Thomas Rice M. Gunn b. 1844
James T. Gunn, Jr. b. 1847
Albert Bascom Gunn b. 1851