In the Name of God Amen.  I James Gunn of the Town of Richmond and
State of Virginia, being sick and weak of body and sound and disposing
mind, and being aware of the uncertainty of life, hath this day made my last
will and testament.

Item:  I bequeath my tenement and lot in Richmond, where Patrick Coutts
lives, to my son John Gunn.

Item:  My good and faithful servant Biddy, and her five children; Bob,
Nanney, Rachel, Penelope, and Charlotte, and also to son John, the tract
given me by my father (except the burying place consisting of two acres).

Item:  My negro man Hector to be sold with my personal estate to pay my
just debts, but if not all needed, the land to my son John Gunn.

Item:  To son John and my daughter Arianna, what I shall be entitled to at
the death of Mrs. Bryan of Hampton.

Item:  the improved lots in Town of Richmond to be sold for payment of my
just debts.

Item:  To Elizabeth Grand, one of my improved lots in Richmond of her

I ask my friend James Buchanan to take care of my son John until he is 21.  
I hereby appoint Turner Southall, James Lyle, James Buchanan, Patrick
Coutts, and John Pendelton as executors of my last will and testament given
this date  24, March 1775.

Patsey Vaughan
Sally Vaughan
Claudius Clay

Recorded April 5, 1775
Re-recorded February 2, 1784
Henrico County, Virginia
Will  Book One
1781-1787, page 114
cgm note:  This Gunn line is sometimes referred to as the Berry Hill Gunns, so named for
their plantation along the James River.  His son John Gunn lived on land where the present
day Capital of Richmond lies.  This is referred to in documents as Gunn's Yellow House,
sold when the State Capital was moved from Williamsburg, Virginia to Richmond.