(daughter of James Gunn, Sr., and wife Joice)
I, Elizabeth Claiborne, of Brunswick County, Virginia, do hereby
make my last will a testament, and ordain in manner and form
pecuniary, that is to say:

In the first place, I give to my niece Elizabeth J. Gunn the sum of
fifty dollars.

2nd:  I give unto my son Burwell B. Wilkes...my negro woman
Hannah, but upon......(illegible)...  however, that he the said Burwell
B. Wilkes, shall hold the said Hannah for the separate and exclusive
use and benefit of my granddaughter, Ann Eliza C. Davis, her
natural life and to be in the meantime, in no wise subject to the
debts or controls of her husband, Wm. E. Davis, and at her death, I
give the said slave Hannah, to the children of the said Ann Eliza C.
Davis to be returned, desposed of in such a manner as may deem
most conducive in service for their benefit, or otherwise to their

3rd:  The balance of my estate after the payment of my debts, I give
unto my son Burwell B. Wilkes, bal. in trust for the benefit of my
daughter Mary B. Drummond, to be returned and held by him as
her trustee, in the same manner, for the same purpose, and with like
conditions, that he holds the property now in her service.

4th:  I wish to be definitely understood, that I have no claim against
my son Burwell B. Wilkes, on account of the rents of the land on
which he resides, as I never charged him rent (he on his part never
having charged me board)

5th:  I appoint  Burwell B. Wilkes executor of this my last Will and
Testament, and I direct that he be not required to give security for
his executorship.  In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed my seal this 29th day of July 1844

Signed, Sealed and Acknowledged in presence of

B. Wilkinson
Lucy C. Claiborne
Benj. Hicks
P. E. Claiborne
Elizabeth (X) Claiborne (Seal)

cgm note:  Elizabeth "Betsey" Gunn (Wilkes) Claiborne first married Burwell Bassett
Wilkes, Sr.  on Dec 3, 1787 in Amelia County, Virginia.  To this union were born two
children, Mary B. Wilkes b. 1799  who married Allen Drummond, and Burwell Bassett
Wilkes, Jr.  b. 1805.

After Burwell Wilkes' death in 1815, Elizabeth Gunn Wilkes married second on May
16, 1817 to Phillip Claiborne in Brunswick County, Virginia.  The couple had no

The Elizabeth J. Gunn mentioned in the will, is the child of her brother James Gunn
who died circa 1828, leaving 10 year old Elizabeth J. Gunn.  Elizabeth Gunn Wilkes
Claiborne twice widowed by 1828, raised her brother's daughter, Elizabeth J. Gunn .

Elizabeth and both husbands are interred in the Wilkes Family Cemetery "Charlie
Hope" in Brunswick County, Va.