Will of
Charles Burrus
Albermarle County, Virginia
Will Book 6, page 331
I,  Charles Burries of Albemarle County do hereby make my last will and
testament in manner and form following, that is to say.

1st - all my just debts and funial [sic] expenses to be paid.

2nd - after the payment of my debts and funial [sic]expenses, I give to my wife
Jane Burruss the tract of land where I now live, also negrows [sic] named Sary,
Rachel, Dick Joshua, Jude and Harry.  To enjoy during her natural life or
widowhood, and at her death or marriage to be divided as hereafter mentioned.

3rd -  I give to my daughter Sally Tallafaro negro boy Lacy, bed, horse, and

4thly - I give to my son Jacob Burrus negro girl Phillis, horse, and saddle

5thly -  I give to my daughter Mary Frayley, negro girl Lucy, bed, horse and

6thly -  I give to my son Dickinson Burrus, negro boy Jacob, horse and saddle.

7thly -  I give to my son Thomas Burrus negro girl Dete horse, and saddle.  
those children above named has the aforesaid property in possion.  [sic]

8thly -  I give my daughter Jane Burrus negro girl Lid, and bed and horse

9thly - I give my daughter Susannah Burrus negro girl Temp. horse and saddle
and a bed.

10thly - I give to my son Joseph Burrus negro boy Robert, horse and saddle

11thly - I give my daughter Anne Burrows negro boy Ben, bed, horse and saddle.

12thly - I give my daughter Elizabeth Burrows, negro boy Lauy, bed, horse, and

13thly  I give to my daughter Jestain Austin, five shillings to be paid at my
death out of my estate.

14th  I give unto my sons Dickinson burrows, and Thomas Burrows, my upper
tract of Land adjoining the lands of Edmund Dawson, Permanas Rogers, and
others to be equaly [ ] between them.

15th I give unto my son Joseph Burrus the tract of land whereon I now live,
which has to pass at his mothers death or marriage.

16th -  the balance of my estate at my wife Jane Burrows marriage or death is to
be equally divided among my children hereafter named;  Sary Tallafaro, Jacob
Burrus, Mary Fraily.  If in case, William Frailey and Mary his wife did not make
a good and lawful title to the track of land whereon Thomas Bed____ now lives
and also pays seven pounds to my estate in money the said mary Frailey is to
have no part of my estate.  Dickinson Burrows, Thomas Burrus, Jane Burrus,
Susannah Burrus, Joseph Burrus, Anne Burrus and Elizabeth Burrus, Also Sary
Tallafaro is to pay ten pounds to my estate at the division for money lend.  Also
if in case any of the above named negros whould die before the above named
children gets them in possession, it shall be their own loss and;

Lastly - I hereby constitute and appoint my friend Edmund Davis and son
Dickinson Burrus executors of this my last will and testament.  Revolking [sic]
all others by me heretofore made.

Given under my hand this 12th day of October one thousand eight hundred and

Charles [X] Burrus
Signed sealed and delivered in the present us.


Permanas Rogers, Jonothan Rogers in a court held for Albemarle County the 2nd
day of March 1819.  This instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and
testament of Charles Burrus deceased, was produced into Court and proved by the
oath of Parminus rogers on of the subscibing witness thereto;  and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the court that Jonothan Rogers the other subscribing witness
thereto is not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth; and the said Parminus Rogers
being sworn saith that the said Jonothan rogers subscribed his name as a witness
in teh will in his presence;  and also in the presence and at the request of the said
Charles Burrus, and thereupon the same so as by this court ordered to be recorded.