In the name of God Amen,
I, A. B. Gunn, being indisposed but of sound mind and knowing the
uncertainty of life and being desirous of making a disposition of what it had
pleased God to possess me, make this my Last Will and Testament.

First:  I hereby will, and bequeath to my wife, Melissa A. Gunn, my farm in
Robertson County, upon which I now live, during her widowhood.  Also the
stock, farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture.  And at any time after
my children become of age, my wife, as she deems proper may give to each one,
their portion, preserving an accurate account of what she may give them.

Second:  At her death or cessation of widowhood, I wish my property to be
divided among my children as follows, to my daughter, T. B. Morgan, to have
one sixth the remainder to be equally divided among the remaining four
children, and if either of them dies without issue, the property of the one so
dying is to revert back to my estate.

Third:  I desire Henry Warfield and my wife, Melissa A. Gunn, to act as
Administrators jointly of my estate after my death.  In testimony thereof, I
hereby subscribe my name this 3rd day of July 1891

A.B. Gunn

attested by:  T. H. Flower and J. W. Jackson
Robertson County, Tennessee
A.B. (Albert Bascom) Gunn's parent were James T (Tunce?) Gunn and  Harriet
P. Gunn James and Harriet Gunn were first cousins.  A. B. Gunn married
Melissa A. Yates in Robertston County, Tennessee on 2-14-1872.