Samuel Harrison Gunn
SAMUEL HARRISON GUNN was the third son of Freeman James Gunn and his wife
Maria "Polly" Bridgeforth.  He was born according to census records in June 1831 and
died in 1904 in Brunswick County, Virginia.  He was a small land owner and farmer.

Sam married three times.  I descend from his first wife, Martha Daniel.  Sam and Martha
married on November 29, 1848 in Brunswick County, Virginia.  Martha was born about
1831 in the St. Andrew's Parish of Brunswick County, and was the daughter of Peter Daniel
and his wife Martha Parker.  Martha's death was published in the November 1, 1855 issue
of the Religous Herald.  She likely died from a complication of childbirth, her daughter
Martha Jane was born weeks before her death.   She is said to have been buried in the
Moses Daniel Cemetery, but I have not verified this.  Martha and Sam were the parents of
at least four children, three survived infancy.  Their children were:

1.  Samuel Gunn born May 1850 and died the same year.
Peter Henry Harrison Gunn born January 1852 and died March 4, 1942 who married
Mary T. Johnson
James Freeman Gunn born Oct 17, 1854 and died Oct 23, 1902 who married Alice
Virginia Johnson
4.  Martha Jane Gunn born October 1855 and died April 8, 1932, who never married.

On January 8, 1857, fourteen months after the death of his first wife Martha Daniel,
Samuel Harrison Gunn married Lucy Ann Elmore.  Lucy Ann was the daughter of James
W. Elmore, Jr. and his wife Martha Barnes.  The couple were married in her grandparent's
home (James W. Elmore, SR) who lived on the farm  next to Samuel Harrison Gunn.   
Samuel Harrison's brother Richard James Gunn married Mary Augusta Elmore, sister of
Lucy Ann Elmore, also a daughter of James W. Elmore, Jr and Martha Barnes.  Samuel's
other brother, John B. Gunn married married Lucy JANE Elmore, daughter of James W.
Elmore, SR and his wife Mary Elizabeth Pritchett.  Lucy JANE Elmore was the aunt of
Lucy Ann Elmore Gunn, and Mary Augusta Elmore Gunn.

Samuel enlisted in the Confederate States Army on June 11, 1861 in the Lunenburg Heavy
Artillery at Fletcher's Chapel, Virginia.    Fletcher Chapel Road is located on present day
Road 600 between Blackstone, and Kenbridge, Virginia.  Samuel Harrison Gunn  served in
the 9th Virginia Infantry, 2nd Company H.  He was described in one Muster Roll as being
5 foot 9 inches tall, with light complexion, brown hair and grey eyes.  He was a private in
Company H. for the Wise Legion, and was present at both the siege of Petersburg and the
Battle of the Crater.

The following was taken from the Military Images Magazine, Volume XIV; Number 1, issue
July-August 1992 and was given to me by Charles Gibbs, a g-g-grandson of Samuel Harrison

The unit was stationed briefly at the Pig Point Battery in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  It was
then converted to infantry and designated Company H, 9th Virginia Infantry.  On May 8,
1863, the company was transferred to the 28th Virginia Battalion for service as guards in
the military prisions in Richmond, Virginia.  In October of the same year, the unit became
a part of the 59th Virginia Volunteers.

The 59th served in the defenses east of Richmond.  In the spring of 1863, Wise attacked
Fedreal forces in the Williamsburg area in support of Longstreet's Suffolk campaign.  
Following this episode, the 59th Virginia was assigned to the defenses in Charleston.  The
soldier artist, Conrad Wise Chapman, ordance sergeant of the 59th, painted some of his
most famous works during this period.

In the final year of the war (1865) the 59th returned to Virginia in time to take part in the
Battle of the Crater.  Sam Gunn was captured at Burkeville during the retreat from
Petersburg April 6, 1865.  Sam was buried by the explosions during the Battle of the Crater,
was dug out, and captured during the retreat.  The surrender of the Confederate States
Army by General Robert E. Lee took place in Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865.

Samuel Harrison Gunn was taken to Point Lookout Prision in Maryland, where his brother
John B. Gunn had been a prisoner of war but exchanged.  On June 13, 1865, two months
after the official surrender, Samuel was released to return home to Virginia.  It had been
almost exactly four years from the time of his enlistment that he served.  For details about
the horrible conditions experienced by the confederate soldiers in Pt. Lookout Prison,
please click here.  

In September of 1865, according to census records, a son, Lee B. Gunn was born to Samuel
and Lucy Ann Elmore Gunn.  Lee never married, and died November 12, 1924 in
Richmond, Virginia.  Lee lived (at least in one census record)  with his brother Peter
Harrison Gunn and his family.   If other children were born to Lucy and Samuel, they did
not survive infancy.  Samuel Harrison and Lucy Ann left Brunswick County and moved to
the Pleasant Grove District of Lunenburg County between 1857 and 1860.  The 1860
Census enumerated on the 17th day of July by G. A. Ware the assistant marshall, shows
Samuel's family as the 492nd family counted.  Samuel was working as an overseer, much
like his father and grandfather before him had done.  Living in the home with Samuel was
a grandson, James F. Gunn age 6, who was mistakenly recorded as Sam F. Gunn by the
census taker.   By 1870 Sam and Lucy were living in the Bellfonte District of Nottoway
County, where they were enumerated.  The family soon returned to Brunswick County after
the 1870 census was taken.   Lucy Ann Elmore Gunn, Sam's second wife died June 12, 1874
in Brunswick County, Virginia, from complications of childbirth.  She was 38 years old, the
child did not survive.

On March 1, 1876, about 20 months after the death of his second wife Lucy Ann Elmore,
Samuel Harrison Gunn married Addie Virginia Elmore in Brunswick County, Virginia.  
Addie was the daughter of Edward Elmore and his wife Desdemonia V. Robbins.  Sam's
farm was located between  Polly and James W. Elmore, Sr, and Edward and Desdemonia
Elmore.  Sam's second wife Lucy Ann Elmore, and his third wife Addie Virginia Elmore
were second cousins.

Samuel Harrison and Addie Elmore had at least eight known children, two children Edna
B. and Thomas Harrison Gunn died young.  The children were:

1. David Lee Gunn - 4-4-1877 - 7-10-1955 married Nannie Bell Brough i12-5-1906 in
Lunenburg County, Virginia.  The couple had four children:  Myrtle Lee Gunn who
married Era Edward Wenger.  The couple had five children;  Leonard M. Gunn who
married Mary E Carper Dec 22, 1930 in Hinton West Virginia, the couple had two
children;  Edith Virginia Gunn who married Gilbert Edward Halterman Sept 7, 1935;  
2.  Rosa Reed Gunn-  February 17, 1879- 8-21-1972 married Charles William Gibbs in Dec
1899.  The couple had five children:  Myrtle - Inez - Charles Glynwood  - William and Ruth
A. Gibbs.  
3.  Edna B. Gunn - 1-16-1880 died young
4.  Annie Della Gunn - 12-4-1881 - 1920/1930 married James H. Goodwyn in 1909.  The
couple had 4 children:  Mary E., Charlotte K.;  Elsie C.; and James M. Goodway.  
5.  Thomas Harrison Gunn - 11-4-1884 - 3-7-1897  Tommy was a sickly child.
6.  Nancy "Nannie" Jones Gunn - 6-22-1887 - Dec 1973 married Cyrus Washington
Gravenor in 1905.  The couple had five children:  Addie May, Joseph Frank, Cyrus Wilson,
Nancy L. and Franklin L. Gravenor.
7.  Lottie Virginia Gunn - 10-18-1889 - 12-21-1977 married Grayson Lucas Fleshood in
1916.  The couple had four children:  Ruth V.,  Hunter B.,  Grayson, Jr,  and Elizabeth
8.  Percy Nichelson Gunn 6-6-1894 - March 1976 married Anna Stacy Traylor in 1912.  
Percy died March 20, 1976 and is buried in Blandford Cemetery, in Petersburg, Virginia.  
The couple had five children:  Edwin Nicholson;  Clyde Melvin;  Robert Lee; Marvin Cleo;
and Annie M. Gunn.

In the first 18 years of marriage, Addie had given birth to at least eight children.  From
1894 and 1899 Addie was ill, probably with tuberculosis.  She left Sam with their children,
in Brunswick County and lived with relatives for a while in Richmond, Virginia.  She died
on July 15, 1899, apparently never recovering.  According to Civil War records, Samuel
died in 1904 and was buried on his brother, John B. Gunn's  farm in Lunenburg County,
I descend from two sons of Samuel Harrison Gunn and his first wife Martha Daniel.  Their histories
are highlighted for you to click on and hopefully enjoy.

1.  Peter Harrison Gunn son of Samuel Harrison and Martha Daniel Gunn was born Jan 3, 1852.   
Peter was my twice great grandfather.  Peter married Mary T. Johnson in 1873.  Their daughter
Katie Belle Gunn  who was born 9-3-1879 was my great grandmother.    Katie Belle Gunn married
Ralph Lorenzo Lewis.  Katie and Ralph had 10 children.  Their second child,
Mary Carter Lewis,
born March 11, 1900 was my grandmother.

2.  James Freeman Gunn son of Samuel Harrison and Martha Daniel Gunn was born Oct 17, 1854.  
James was my great grandfather.    He married Virginia Alice Johnson in 1881.  James and Virginia
Alice had eight children.  Their son their seventh child, Lafayette Monro Gunn  was born August
23, 1895l.  He married
Mary Carter Lewis April 25, 1917.  She was the daughter of Katie Belle
Gunn and Ralph Lorenzo Lewis listed above under Peter Harrison Gunn.