Land Grants and Patents for Surname Gunn, Gun and derivatives

Book B3, page 317

March 17, 1654

John Skerrett rec'd 300 acres on the south branch of the Nazemum River for the transportation of 6 persons, one was John Gunn

Book B7, page 659 ( no date recorded)

John Sandford rec'd 1517 acres near Curratuck, in Lower Norfolk for the transporation of 31 persons, one was Jno. Gun

January 15, 1662

Patent Book 4, page 84

Jno Lewis and Thomas Mitchell rec'd 1680 acres in New Kent County, Virginia for the transportation of John Gunne and others

May 25, 1663

Patent Book 5, page 301

Rob. Tomlyn and Wm. Mosse rec'd 600 acres on the north side of the Rappa. In Rapp. County, for the transporation of 12 persons, one was Wm. Gunn

August 14, 1669

Captain Tho. Brereton rec'd 600 acres on the north said of the Mattaponi River, in New Kent County for the transporation of 12 persons one was Wm. Gunn

Book 6, page 245

August 17, 1720 patent book 11 page 44

John Gun - Henrico County

150 Acres on the North Side of the James River

February 18, 1722 - patent book 11 page 157

John Gun - Henrico County

250 Acres on a creek known by the name of Horsepen Creek on the north side of the James River adjacent to his own land; lands of Joseph Woodson and William Ladd.

March 18, 1725- Book 12, page 344 -

John Gunn - Henrico County

John Woodrum, rec'd 400 acres adjacent to John Gunn,

August 1, 1735, Book 16, page 99

James Cock of Henrico County, 88 acres on n side of James River adjacent to Luke Smith, Thomas Wood and John Gun.

June 5, 1736 - Patent 17 page 116

John Gun -Henrico County

717 acres on the north side of the James River on the branches of Shoccoe Creek on N side of the main Road crossing Johnston's Br. And a Br. Of Gilly's Creek.

June 5, 1736 Book 17, page 116

John Gun - Henrico County

391 acres, a part formerly granted to Daniel Johnston by patent dated April 20, 1689.

August 20, 1740 - Brunswick County

William Gunn - 365 acres on the north side of Great Creek

patent book 19 page 705

June 16, 1744 - Brunswick County

William Gunn - 125 acres on the south side of the Roanoke River

patent book 22 page 80

4 Nov 1745 - Henrico County Court, page 93

John White, Jr. of Hanover County to Robert Cook of Henrico County for L 50, 217 acres on N. side of James River bounded by John Gunn, Captain James Young, John White and Nathaniel Vandewall

December Court, Henrico County, 1743 page 242

Thomas Gunn to William Kelley, 180 acres, Sarah wife of Thomas relinquishes her dower right

August 16, 1746, Henrico County Court

Wm Kelly of Henrico to John Austin and Jeconias Randle of King William - a tract where said Wm. Kelly now dwells which he purchased of Thomas Gun 180 acres

July 15, 1760

Thomas Gun - Lunenburg County, Virginia

333 acres on the north side of Little Creek adjoining the lands of Easter, Lewis, &c

Patent 34 page 634

September 23, 1796 - Washington County

William Gun - 87 acres on the Hungry Mother waters of the Middle Fork of the Holstein, adjoining the land of Robert Crow &c

patent book 35 page 663

Dec. 12 1855

James Gunn- Henrico County

One acre on L Street between 30th and 31st Streets

Grant 112 page 18