John Burrell Gunn
JOHN B. GUNN, was the first born child of Freeman James and Maria Bridgeforth Gunn.  
He was born in 1829 (estimated from census records) in Brunswick County, Virginia and
died in 1893.  His middle name was learned from his death certificate from information
supplied by his daughter Susan Roberta Gunn (Elmore)

On January 12, 1853 in Lunenburg County, Virginia John B. Gunn married Lucy Jane
Elmore.  Lucy was the daughter of James W. Elmore,Jr. and his wife Mary Elizabeth
Pritchett.  Lucy was born in 1830 and died in 1901, leaving a
will.    John and Lucy were the
parents of ten known children, six survived to adulthood.

In the early years of their marriage John farmed.  According to the 1860 slave schedule,
John and Lucy Jane were slave owners.  They lived in the St. Andrews Parish in Brunswick
County with three of their children, John E. age 6, William T. age 4, and George G. age 1.

John enlisted in the Confederate States Army on March 15, 1862 .  He was a member of
the 41st Virginia Infantry, Company B. which conscripted from the Virginia State militia
from Dinwiddie County, Virginia.  On June 30th 1862, just under three months after
enlistment, John was wounded at Glendale, Virginia.  He served on special detail as Provost
Guard in Anderson's Division from January 1863 until April 1863.  On June 1, 1863 he was
taken prisoner of war at the Battle of Cold Harbor located a little north and east of
Richmond.  He was taken to
Point Lookout Prison Maryland. He reached Point Lookout
Prison on June 3rd, 2 days after his capture.  He was released by the Union on March 11,
1865 during an exchange for prisoners held by the Confederate Army.  John was recorded
as suffering from scurvy, which was a common ailment of men held at Point Lookout, where
food and deplorable prison conditions equaled that of the ill-famed Confederate Prison of
Andersonville.  He was taken to  Chimborazo Military Hospital in Richmond, Virginia
where he was hospitalized on March 17, 1865.  He was given a 30 days sick furlough on
March 23, 1865 and was not present at the surrender in April 1865 in Appomattox, Virginia.

After the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865, John B. Gunn
was likely already in Brunswick County, on sick leave.  The family recorded in the Red
Oak District in the 1870 census as follows:  Herbert Gunn age 18, Sarah age 15, Rosa age
11, James age 7 and Lucy age 4.

The children of John B. and Lucy Ann Elmore Gunn were:

1.  John Edward Gunn born March 1854.  He married his first cousin, Sarah W. Gunn on
September 11, 1873 in Brunswick County, Virginia.  Sarah was the daughter of Richard
James Gunn and Mary Augusta Elmore.  We know from his mother's will, that John E Gunn
suffered from a mental illness.  What isn't known from the will, is if his mental problems
were a result of the close biological relationship of his parents.   Of his six children two are
known to have survived to adulthood, Agernon Sidney Gunn.   Lemuel Gunn  died 2-6-1942
in Eastern State Hospital in James City County, Virginia.  Eastern State was a mental
institution.  Lemuel is buried on it grounds.  Only Algernon [Algie] married and had children.

2.  Sarah Gunn born 1860 and died in her youth.

3.  William Thomas Gunn born January 10, 1856 and died Jan 30, 1935.  William married
Mary Elizabeth Ferris in 1872.  William and Mary had 12 children.

4.  George Gregory Gunn born October 1857 who died in his youth on 12-8-1862.  

5.  Rosa A. Gunn born 1858 died in her youth.

6.  Mary Virginia Gunn born June 25, 1860 and died Feb 5, 1928.  Mary Virginia married
Madison L. Laffoon on Dec 14, 1881.  This couple had nine children.  Mary is buried in
New Hope Christian Church Cemetery in Brunswick County, Virginia

7.  Herbert Lee Gunn born April 28, 1862 and died Oct 28, 1944.  Herbert married Mary
Etta Daniels on Oct 6, 1886.  The couple had 7 children, six suvived to adulthood.

8.  James Gunn born 1863 died in his youth.

9.   Lucy Victoria Gunn born 4-12-1867 died 1-1-1937.  Lucy Victoria married Curtis
Cornelius Benjamin Waller on Jan 10, 1883.  The couple had nine children, only two died in

10. Susan Roberta Gunn born May 1868 died in 1945.  Susan married Emmett Edward
Elmore on Jan 22, 1896.  The couple had 10 children.  All but one survived infancy.  Susan
Roberta Gunn Elmore is buried in the New Hope Christian church cemetery.