James Gunn Jr
son of  James Gunn, Sr. and Elizabeth (Garner?)
James Gunn, Jr. was born about 1765-1766 in  the Nottoway Parish of
Amelia County, Virginia.   He was the son of James Gunn, Sr. and his first
wife Elizabeth, whose surname is unproven, but at least one family
researcher claims her surname was Garner.  One possible son of James [Sr]
and wife Elizabeth Garner Gunn, was Henry Garner Gunn,  who carried
the surname of his mother as his middle name.

James Gunn, Jr first appeared in the 1787 census as a property owner, with
one slave over 16, 2 slaves under 16, and 2 horses.  Assuming he was about
21 years old in 1787, we have determined his approximate birth year, as

His father James Gunn, Sr., died in 1807 and his will mentioned James
Gunn, Jr as follows:   Item,  I give and bequeath to my son James Gunn, all
of mine, he has in possession to him and his heirs forever.  As was the
custom, most likely James  Gunn, Jr. was given property when he married
or came of age.

Between 1794-1800 James Gunn, Jr. married Elizabeth Irby Jordan.  She
was born  about 1782 in Amelia County, Virginia.  She was the daughter of
J. Freeman Jordan and his wife Ann "Nancy" Cocke.  Elizabeth's sister was
Jane Jordan  who married Griffin Gunn, the brother of James Gunn, Jr.  
This is another example  of two Gunn brothers marrying two sisters.  It is
repeated many times in the Gunn family.  The children of these Gunn
brothers who married Jordan sisters were double first cousins, having no
aunts or uncles by marriage, but related to them by blood kinship.

James Gunn, Jr. and Elizabeth Irby made their home in Brunswick County,
Virginia.  It was in Brunswick they raised their children.  From tax records
we know James Gunn, Jr owned hundreds of acres of property, most was
likely given to him prior to his marriage by his father, James Gunn, Sr.

1800-1802 he was taxed on 957 1/2 and another parcel of 300 acres
1803 - James Gunn, Jr was taxed on 537 1/2 and 300 acres.  He
conveyed                 400 acres to Thomas Vaughan.
1804-1807 he was taxed on 237 1/2 and 300 acres were conveyed to John  

In 1810 census - James Gunn had one male under 10 which was Freeman
James Gunn, one male 26-45 which was James, Jr himself, and 1 female
26-45 which was his wife, Elizabeth Irby Jordan.  James owned 17 slaves.  It
is possible that Burwell Gunn born in 1794, age 16, in 1810 is another son,
who did not appear on the 1810 census.

Jan 18, 1813 - James and Elizabeth sold 151 acres to William Lambert.  At
this time Elizabeth was unable to relinquish her dower so 2 men were
ordered to travel to her and witness her signature.  Most likely, Elizabeth
was pregnant.  In three more transactions taking place in 1814, James sold
more land to William Lambert and also to Thomas J. Lambert.

Sept 8, 1820 - James Gunn, Jr is indebted to Robert Haskins

In 1820, James, Jr. was living in the St. Andrew's Parish of Brunswick
County, and according to the census there was 1 male under ten years old
in the home.  I believe this to be Henry Garner Gunn who was born 1815.  
There was 1 male 16-26 and this was Freeman James Gunn born abt 1800,
who was single, and working for his father. Also listed was James Gunn, Jr
as a male over 45.  There were three females under 10 years old, and one we
know, was Elizabeth Jordan Gunn who was born in 1818.  Also listed were
two females 16 to 26 and they did not appear in the 1810 census.  The female
age 26-45 was wife Elizabeth Jordan Gunn.  Also listed were 8 agriculture
workers, 3 slaves under 14 years old, 2 slaves aged 14-26 and 2 slaves over

Nov 12, 1822 - James Gunn, Jr. was indebted to Jno. Rieves and John
Maddux trustee, to sell and pay 170.60 plus  Negroes Hannah, Ruella and
her child, for 200 acres of land, and all interest conveyed by Freeman
Jordan to James Gunn's wife, if debt is not paid

August 16, 1823 -  James Gunn indebted to Jno Rives and William Aldridge
for $261.70

September 10, 1823 - James Gunn sold his woman slave Hannah to Freeman
James Gunn for $120  as payment to Freeman J. Gunn for his two years of
service as overseer.  Witness: Robert Vaughan and Benjamin Zackary.

The above is the last record found for James Gunn.   I believe both he and
his wife Elizabeth died shortly after this transfer to their son Freeman was
made.    James Gunn, Jr was about 58 years old in 1823, and his wife
Elizabeth Jordan was about 43 years old.  James Gunn, Jr did not appear in
the 1830 Census of Virginia.  It is unlikely as some have speculated, that he
left Virginia, went to Georgia, and left his young children behind to be
raised by relatives.

James Gunn, Jr. had been in financial trouble for many years.  In 1800 he
owned almost one thousand acres, but by 1814 had sold most of his holdings
to members of the Lambert family.  His son Freeman was  10 to 12 years old
in the 1820 census, Henry Garner Gunn was about 4 or 5, and Elizabeth J,
was only 2.

Because many records have been burned or destroyed in war and court
house fires, it has been difficult to find definitive proof  in extant records for
the number of children born to James Gunn, Jr., and Elizabeth Irby
Jordan.  If James left a will, none has been found.

Their children were:

Freeman James Gunn - born 1808 - Circumstantial evidence through deeds
establishes Freeman James Gunn as a child. Likewise, Freeman was likely
named after his mother's father, J. Freeman Jordan.  In 2006 DNA from his
ggggrandson, Gordon Reynolds Gunn confirms the relationship.

Henry Garner Gunn born 1815 - we know from the 1820 census that James
Gunn, Jr. had another male under 10 in the home.  On October 24, 1834
Burwell Bassett Wilkes, Jr. and his wife Lucy, sold  28 acres of land in
Brunswick County, to Henry G. Gunn for 42 dollars.   Burwell Bassett
Wilkes married second to Lucy Field in 1831.   Wilkes would have been a
1st cousin of Henry Garner Gunn if he IS the son of James Gunn, Jr.

In Deed Book 31, 1836-1839 Henry Garner Gunn sold this land back to B.B.
Wilkes.  Because Henry's middle name is named in the second deed as
Garner, and because his grandmother's surname is said to be Garner, along
with the strong connection to the Burwell Wilkes family, it is more than
likely Henry is an undocumented son of James and Elizabeth Irby Jordan

Henry left Virginia and moved to  Maury County, Tennessee where a
number of the Wilke's family had moved.  The Wilke's family raised race
horses.  Henry married Martha Jane Brooks in Maury County, Tennessee
on March 6, 1841.  They had five children, all born in Tennessee, the last
child born in 1850.  By 1860 Henry and Martha had moved to Williamson
County, Texas.    Their children were Mary b. 1838 who married Francis
Floyd Lynch;  William A. T. Gunn born 1843 and died 1867 in Williamson
County, Texas (unmarried);  a son, A.N.D. Gunn who was born and died the
same day 9-24-1845;  Martha A. H. Gunn born 1847 (lost track of);  Susan
Louisa Alice Gunn born May 1850 died May 1919 who married George
Washington Hall.  With no surviving male heirs, DNA can not disprove
Henry Garner Gunn as a son.

Elizabeth Jordan Gunn -  Elizabeth is the only
documented child born to
this couple.  Elizabeth was born in 1818.  She listed the names of her
parents on her marriage license, as James and Elizabeth Gunn.  She was the
third wife of Frederick Lewis Abernathy.  They were married in 1867 in
Brunswick County, Virginia.  After the death of her parents, circa 1823,
Elizabeth went to live with her father's half sister. Elizabeth "Betsey"
Gunn. Aunt Elizabeth was the widow of two wealthy Brunswick County
men, Burwell Bassett Wilkes who died in 1817, and Phillip Claiborne who
died in 1827.   Aunt Elizabeth Gunn Wilkes Claiborne mentioned her niece,
Elizabeth J. Gunn with an inheritance of $50 in her will.  Elizabeth J. Gunn
nursed her aunt until her death in 1846, and remained single herself until
1861 when she married the twice widowed Frederick Abernathy Lewis.  
After the death of Frederick Lewis, Elizabeth J. Gunn (Lewis) lived with
Burwell Bassett Wilkes, Jr. and his family in Brunswick County, Va.  She is
likely buried in the Wilkes' cemetery, Charlie Hope.   Elizabeth died in
June 1892.  She had no children.

Burwell Gunn -  While there is no male DNA donor from his decendants [to
date 1-2010], I suspect that Burwell Gunn, 1794-1855 is possibly the son of
James and Elizabeth Irby Jordan.    If Elizabeth Irby Jordan IS the mother
of Burwell, then she was a very young 13-14 year old mother when he was
born.  Most other possibilities for his father, have been eliminated.  Burwell
is a Wilkes family name.  James Gunn, Jr. whose most beloved silbing was,
his sister Elizabeth who married Burwell Wilkes. It  may be more than just
a coincidence and plausible, that James would name a son Burwell.    James
Gunn, Jr.'s sister, Elizabeth Gunn Wilkes, raised at least one  of  her
brother James' children after his death, - Elizabeth Jordan Gunn.

My family history continues with
Freeman James Gunn .