In addition to my Homepage, I've agreed to
be the co-adminstrator of the Gunn DNA
Project at Family Tree DNA.com.  If you are
MALE, and your surname is GUNN, we need
your DNA contribution!

We need donors from the New England
Gunns, European Gunns, and Gunns
worldwide, and hope all descendants
participate in the project.

Kits are available on request.  The test is a
simple swab of salvia and takes only minutes
to do.  It couldn't be easier.

These test verify paternal relationships in a
quick and easy way!  It can save you time,
prevent mistakes, and provides verifiable

For Gunn ladies, contact your closest male
Gunn, and request his DNA sample.  We may
find common ancestors!

For details and a test kit.........here's the link
Still a bit confused?  Got Questions?

DNA testing, what is it for?  What
can it tell me? If you simple need a
better explanation, click on the DNA
icon below.