Gunn Family DNA Project

The information on this page will cover many aspects of the Gunn DNA project.  You
can learn how DNA matching works, and the objectives of the Gunn Family DNA

Please take time to read the information.  It is important for everyone to be well
educated about the DNA process.

How does DNA research work?

DNA testing is the latest tool in genealogical research.  It involves a simple swab of the
mouth.  A salvia sample provides enough DNA to extract your genetic background.  
Y-Chromosome testing is done on males.

The Y-Chromosome testing provides a series of markers from the DNA pattern on the
Y-Chromosome, which is only passed from
father to sons.  This DNA remains nearly
unchanged over the course of hundred of years!  This means simply that your
Y-Chromosome matches almost exactly with that of your 15th and 16th

This helps identify (connect) Gunn males that are related, by indicating a common
ancestor.  Here's an example:

Assume Harry Gunn has a proven and documented ancestry back to a grandfather in
1600. Edward Gunn only has a theory or family legend, that he descends from the same
grandfather.  Edward has been unable to find documentation to prove the relationship,
but believes his theory to be true.  If both Harry and Edward Gunn are DNA tested, and
the results return that their DNA markers match, then they know they are related.  Testing
does not tell Edward
how he is specifically related to Harry Gunn.  It shows only that
Harry and Edward Gunn descend from the same common ancestor.

What are our objectives, and what will it prove?

1.  Identify others who are related to us. There are literally hundreds of Gunns living in
many different countries.  Which family is related to which?

Prove or disprove theories regarding our ancestors. Some theories regard the
interrelationship of some families.  This project should help prove the various theories
as fact, or fiction.  Family legends and relationships can be proven or disproven.  Does
family legend suggest your Gunn ancestor came from German Royalty or Scotland?  
DNA can clear up which theory is true!

What are the costs?
The costs for the various tests are pretty straight forward.  The 12 marker kit costs
$99.00, if you join the
Gunn Family DNA Project.  You can get the 12 marker kit to
begin with, and if there is a DNA match at the 12 marker level, you can decide later to
upgrade to the 25 or 37 marker kit.  This is a bargain!

Why should I upgrade, if I match?
If your 12 marker test is returned and shows you are a 12 out of 12 match with other
Gunn males, statistically this means there is a
91.41 % chance of a common ancestor in 600 years, an
87.08% chance of a common ancestor in 500 years, an
80.53% chance of a common ancestor in 400 years, a
70.69% chance of a common ancestor in 300 years, a
55.88% chance of a common ancestor in 200 years, and a
33.57% chance of a common ancestor in 100 years.

The value of the 25 and 37 marker test occurs when two participants are related based
on the 12 marker test.  If two people match 12/12, 11/12, or even 10/12, they are
considered to be related and it is recommended that they upgrade to either the 25 or 37
marker test.  
Each level of testing reduces the time frame to a common ancestor, between
matching individuals.

Once results have been returned, then what?

After you return your test kit, it will take approximately six to eight weeks for your
results to return from the lab.  Family Tree DNA will provide an approximate date
when the results will be available.  You can access this information by going to the web
site  Enter your kit number and code provided when you
ordered your kit.

You will be notified by email when your results are in.  Your information will be more
specific and will include all matches.  You will also receive results by regular mail.

As administrator, I will check matches.  In order to do this, I will need your pedigree.  
If you don't know your ancestry, I will help you as much as possible.  I was a researcher
before DNA was available.

When your DNA results are returned, you will be attached to the group you match, or a
new group for your Gunn line will be started.  With your permission, you will be put in
contact with other matching members.

This is where the REAL excitement begins!

I will be happy to respond to any questions you may have.  Email me below.