Burruss Family Letters

These letters cover the periods between 1813, and the mid 1900's and were primarily
written as correspondence between four Burruss brothers, Thomas, John, Henry, and
Nelson.  They were the sons of the Rev. John Burruss and his wife, Rachel Terrell
Burruss.   Even if you are not connected to the Burruss family, the letters are a
window  into the past.  I hope you enjoy reading them!

         part one        part two        part three
Burruss Family Documents, bible records, marriage records, death records will be coming soon.
Burruss Deaths in Virginia  1912-1915      1915 - 1919     1925-1929     1935-1939   

Burruss Marriages in Virginia     
to 1850 all counties       Males 1850-1859      Males 1860-1869   Males 1880-1889
 Males 1890-1899         Females 1922-1935
Burruss Marriages in Kentucky to 1850

Burruss Marriages in Texas 1814-1909 and 1966-2002

Burruss Marriages in Missouri 1805-2002

Burruss Family Bibles            
Lucy BurnleyDuke Burruss         
Nelson Burruss    
 Rev. John Burruss
William Tandy Burruss

Burruss Family Wills - click here

Burruss Births  in Virginia 1853-1866     1867-1879    1880-1896
Burruss Family History - click here