Thomas Gunn (1789-1868)
Anne Montgomery Family Bible

This record was submitted by Mrs. Paul Stinson of Jonesboro, Lousianna to the D.A.R.
Mrs. Clara Long Knott of Long Leaf Pine Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution appeared before Notary Public, Eldrye E. Wines in January of 1955 where he certified that this bible was an exact copy of the data contained in the bible of Thomas Gunn and Anne Montgomery, his wife as it was furnished by Gladys Crutchfield Ferguson who had possession of the Bible.
It was printed by Sir D. H. Blair and J. Bruce
Printers to the King's Most Excellent Majesty
Edinburgh, Scotland
D.A.R. Library
Washington, D.C.




Thomas Gunn was born August 20, 1789
Anne Montgomery was born May 31, 1786
and was married January 23, 1811

Betsey Gunn, first child, was born October 6, on Sunday, Anno 1811
2nd Michel Gunn was born November 5, 1812
Polley Gunn was born Wednesday the 18th of May, Anno 1814
Starling Gunn was born August 17, 1815
John Gunn was born Friday the 7th of February 1817

(cgm note) There were 14 children born to Thomas and Anne Montgomery Gunn, but only the births of the four children listed above, appeared in this bible)

Minty was born February 12, 1798
Gloster was born May 19, 1805
Sarah was born January 25, 1817
Washington and Henry were born February 4, 1820
Eliz was born February 24, 1822
Filly was born December 6, 1823
Mary was born November 4, 1825
Sina was born 22 of February 1828
Amanda and Josiah were born June the 18th 1830


Thomas was the son of Starling Gunn and Mary Elizabeth Hooper of Caswell County, North Carolina. He was born in Caswell County, NC and died in Randolph County, Missouri