John Gunn

Family Bible



This bible was found in the Virginia State Library archives, in Richmond, Virginia by Lois Smith.

The call number is 26434, Title: Gunn Family Bible Record 1757-1923.

Portions are difficult to read. This family is also referred to as the Berry Hill Gunns because of their property along the James River.



Samuel Scherer was born March the 2nd 1757.

George Scherer was born March 25, 1768 and departed this life the 25th October 1768.

Sarah Scherer was born June 23rd 1765 (cgm note: Samuel and George mentioned here are the brothers of Sarah Scherer who became the wife of John Gunn)



Elizabeth McGraw (may be McCraw), my wife, and mother of the aforegoing children departed this life on Friday 20 (?) September 1804 at 8 o'clock a.m. after a lingering illness. This Elizabeth was married to Samuel McCraw her surname is unknown.

Ann Eliza Gunn formerly McGraw (McCraw) departed this life on September 2, 1819

Mary G. Jones formerly McCraw (McCraw) departed this life on Sunday September 1827 at half __________.

NOTE: The pages of the bible are not numbered and are written in various hands



Beginning at the top of a page:

John Gunn & Sally Gunn was married this third day of July 1784.

James C Gunn born the twelfth day of May, half after 12 o'clock in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty five.

Harriet Emeline Gunn was born the 2nd day of October 1787

Jack Gunn on Sunday 3 January 1790 at 5 o'clock in the morning (cgm: birth date of John S. “Jack” Gunn)

Emmeline Gunn was born 16 September 1792 and departed 24 June 1794.

_mm_ly born 2nd May 179_ (5). (cgm note: Emily Fowler Gunn)

William Gunn born 6 August 1798.

George Maxwell Gunn was born the 21 October 1802 and departed 27 October 1802.



John Gunn was born June 30th 1765 was married to Sarah Scherer 3 of July 1784 and died _________ 1856

Sarah Scherer was born June 23rd 1765 and departed this life January 10, 1832.

James C. Gunn

Harriet E. Gunn

John S. Gunn was born 3rd January 1790 was married to Ann E. McGraw on the 18th of November 1809 and died September 1, 1823.

Emily Gunn was born ________1810 (cgm note: dau of John S. Gunn and Ann E. McGraw

Samuel M. Gunn son of John S. Gunn was born October 5th 1812.

Elizabeth G. Gunn was born June 27, 1817.

Anne E. Gunn wife of Jno S. Gunn departed this life September 2nd 1819.



(cgm note: Below are the Children of James William Frederick Gunn and Mary Ann Bullington. James was the son of John Gunn and Sarah McCraw Gunn)

Lewis Lunsford Gunn married Mary Anne Childrey, Nov 6, 1868

Eugenia Florine Gunn, daughter of the above was born August 8, 1869

Randolph Wellford Gunn, son of LL and MA Gunn was born October 8th 1878 at "Berry Hill" Henrico County, Virginia.

R. Wellford Gunn married Alla Dawson Jones in Richmond, Virginia August 9, 1904

James Antrim Gunn, son of R. W. Gunn and Alla D. Gunn was born in Richmond, Virginia August 9, 1904

Lewis Burwell Gunn son of R. W. Gunn and A. D. was born August 20, 1905 Richmond, Virginia

Katherine Gunn daughter of R. W. Gunn and A. D. Gunn was born in Ginter Park, Richmond, Virginia January 9, 1911

Randolph Gunn son of R. W. Gunn and A. D. Gunn was born in Ginter Park, Richmond, Virginia January 9, 1911

Richard E. Gunn son of R. W. Gunn and A. D. Gunn was born in Ginter Park, Richmond, Virginia March 8, 1915

Alla Virginia Gunn daughter of R. W. Gunn and A. D. Gunn was born in Ginter Park, Richmond, Virginia October 16 1923.



James William F. Gunn was born in the city of Richmond, August 6th 1798 and married November 27th 1822, Maryann Bullington, second daughter of Maria and Josiah Bullington and was born in the County of Henrico June 9th 1803.

Emily Fowles Gunn first born of the above, was born December 31st 1823 in the City of Richmond.

Ann Maria Gunn was born September 11th and departed this life October 17th 1825 aged one month and six days.

George Scherer Gunn was born September 3rd 1826 at Berry Hill in the County of Henrico and died August 12th 1827.

James Gunn was born March 13th 1828 at 11 o'clock at night and departed this life at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Wm F. Gunn was born April 27th 1829.

James Montgomery Gunn was born October 20th 1831.

Robert Semple Gunn was born August 3rd 1832.

John Howard Gunn was born May 10th (may be 18th) 1834.

L. L. Gunn was born November 9th 1835.

Richard B. Gunn was born July 30th 1837.

Josiah M. Gunn was born September 2nd 1838.