Rev. John Burruss - Family Bible


The bible was found and copied from the Archives at the State Library of Virginia. It is available online at the Library of Virginia web site. Notations on the file state that the owner of the bible wishes to remain anonymous. The bible was copied by Mrs. Dallas W. Hunter a distant cousin of the owner.

Ann Wheat Hunter
Mrs. Dallas W. Hunter
7046 Wardell Street
Annandale, Virginia 22003

Frontis piece. Printed by Alexander Kincaid, His Majesty's Printer. MDCCLXII

Mamie Alice Wheat, born December 25, 1885
Caty Hargrave, daughter of Samuel and Lucy Hargrave born the 4th day of June 1786.
Pleasant T. Hargrave born the 8th day of the 11th month 1788.
Chiles Hackett departed this life November 7, 1826
Mary Hackett departed this life June 24, 1830
Ann Harris departed this life June the 30th 1833. According to information by letter, she lived in Tennessee.

Page Two

Jess Wheat and Harriet Sappington, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Sappington married in the County of Ann Arnell (sic) Maryland 25th October AD 1804.

Harriett Wheat, wife of Jesse Wheat died Feb 6, 1824 aged 38 years.
Jesse Wheat departed this life November 17, 1834. Aged 66 years, 11 months
Harrate Wheat, daughter of Jesse and Harriet Wheat August 1824
Nathaniel Wheat died July 25, 18864
Mary Nicholas died March 1871
Edith Rowls died Ap 13 1874
Francis Wheat died October 24th, 1875 (our Grandpa Nat. F. Wheat's father)
Edward Wheat died (date scratched out)
The ages and names of the Children of Pleasant and Caty Terrell
Lucy Terrell born the 17th of the 9th month 1763
Jesse Terrell born the 5th of the 10th month 1765
Robert Terrell born the 9th of the 1st month 1768
Samuel Terrell born the 8th of the 1st month 1770
Rachel Terrell born the 3rd of the 6th month 1772
Pleasant Terrell born the 26th of the 11th month of 1778
Corneal Terrell born the 2nd of the 7th month of 1781
Mary Terrell born the 3rd of the 2nd month of 1781
Ages of the Children of John Burruss
Henry born the 23rd of the 12th month 1769
Thomas born the 2nd of the 9th month 1772
John born the 14th of the 12th month 1774
Neelson born the 12th of the 5th month 1777

Page Three

Pleasant Terrell Senr. departed this life the 1st day of the 7th month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three in the fifty fifth year of his age
Sary, first chile of Milley, was born 11th April 180(3)? (cgm note: likely a slave birth)
The Bay Colt of Johnson Jones was folded June 1811
Rockingham, a Sorrel rone horse Colt got by Independence out of a bay bedford mare folded April the (?) 1816
Blossom, a bay mare colt got by Young Superior and out of a sorrel mare folded June the 7th 1825.
Polmeal was folded May the 28th 1823.
Jos. Dabney's Jack, the first in the state and out of (rest missing)
Jin Mecola a sorrel mare colt got by Major Stegus' Jack and was ( ? ) out of (?) darke bay mare Fly folded April 14th (?)

Samuel Hargrave departed this life the 7th day of July 1784
Salley Hargrave departed this life the 26th of October 1786
Polley Hargrave departed this life the 27th day of September 1793
Patsey Hargrave departed this life the 21 (missing) 1795
Aggatha departed (words missing) 1844 in the 28 (missing) the lock jaw. Died the 3rd day a little before 2 o'clock.

cgm note: the Samuel Hargrave, Salley Hargrave, Polley Hargrave, and Patsey Hargrave mentioned above were the children of Samuel Hargrave and his wife Lucy Terrell Hargrave who married in Caroline County, Virginia January 10, 1779 in the Cedar Creek Meetinghouse (Quaker)

Page Four

The ages and names of the children of (unreadable) Hargrave and Lucy his wife. cgm note: should be Samuel Hargrave and Lucy his wife. Samuel Hargrave married Lucy Terrell, the daughter of Pleasant and Caty Farish Terrell.
Samuel Hargrave was born September 17th 1780
Nancy Hargrave was born October 7, 1782
Salley Hargrave was born march 12th 1784
Caty F. Hargrave was born June 4th 1786
Plesant T. Hargrabe was born Novr 8th 1788
Patsey Hargrave was born May 14th 1791
Polley Hargrave was born August 15th 1793
Fanney G. Hargrave was born October 8th 1794
Lucy C. Hargrave was born May 30th 1798
Betsey Ann Hargrave was born July 26th 1801

Lucy Hargrave (unreadable) life on Wednesday evening the 1st of May ( ? ) in the forty-eight year of her age.
cgm note: This should read Lucy Terrell Hargrave. Lucy married Samuel Hargraves. She was born 17 September 1763 and died May 1, 1811.

David Bibb departed this life Thursday about sunrise the 9th day of February 1826 in his sixty-seventh year of his age. cgm note: this refers to David Bibb, son of Charles and Elizabeth Woolfolk Bibb. David Bibb married Rachel Terrell the daughter of Pleasant and Catherine Farish Terrell.

David F. Cobbs departed this life Thursday night about 12 o'clock February 14th 1828. cgm note: David F. Cobbs was born about 1756, the son of Robert Cobbs and Mary Terrell. Mary Terrell (Cobbs) was the daughter of David and Agatha Chiles Terrell.

Page Five

The ages and names of the children of Charles Burrus and Lucy his wife
1st Patrick Henry Burrus was born the 11th day of Dec 182(torn)
cgm: 1820
2nd Mildred Ann Burrus was born March the 18th 182 cgm: 1822
3rd Frances Eleanor Burrus was born August 20, 182 cgm 1823
4th Malvina Fleming Burrus was born March 2, 182
cgm: 1827
5th Sarah Elizabeth Burrus was born May 12, 1829
6th Lucy Terrell Burrus was born August 21st 1830
7th Mary Rebeccah Burrus was born Jany 31st 1832
8th Edmonia Agnes Burrus was born June 18th 1834
9th Thomas Samuel Burrus was born Novr 22nd 183
cgm: 1839

Fanny Hargrave was born............October 6, 1794 (cgm: d/o Samuel and Lucy Terrell Hargrave)
Lucy Hargrave was born May 31, 1779

The ages and names of Fleming Bibb and Fanny his wife

Fleming Bibb was born August 15, 1787
Nancy U. Bibb, wife of Fleming Bibb was born January the 7th 1793
Fleming Bibb was married Feb 20th 1809
Inez Bibb was born March 17, 1810
Samuel Pleasants Bibb was born Sept 18th 1812
Elizabeth Ann Bibb was born July 17, 1814
Lucty T. Bibb was born July 15, 1816
Nicholas Bibb was born Dec 11, 1817
Robert Fleming Bibb was born Nov 27, 1818
Walter T. Bibb was born Nov 11, 1820
Alexander Franklin Bibb was born Sept 28, 1822
David G. Bibb was born Sept 22, 1823
Thomas Edwin Bibb was born Oct 20th 1825
(?) Franklin Bibb was born August 9th 1830
cgm note: Cornelius Frankling Bibb
John Henry Bibb was born February 9, (?)
cgm note: 1829
Mary Frances Bibb was born February 9, 1829
Jane Eliza Bibb was born April 1, 183 (?)
cgm note: 1831

Fleming Bibb was married to Nancy W. Chiles, widow of Fleming Chiles Thursday Nov 21, 1844

cgm note: Fleming Bibb first married Fanny G. Hargrave, the daughter of Samuel and Lucy Terrell Hargrave on February 20, 1809. He next married Nancy Ann W. Chiles. Nancy was 51 Fleming was 54 when they married; no children were born to their union.

Page 6

Samuel P. Bibb was married to Elizabeth G. Burrus, Dec 11, 1838 (
cgm: son of Fleming and Fanny Bibb Elizabeth Guinea Burruss was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Johnson Burruss and the granddaughter of John Burruss the preacher, and his wife Rachel Terrell Burruss who was the daughter of David and Agatha Chiles Terrell)
Robert F. Bibb was married to Margarett D. (? ) Nolton August 31, 1841 (
note: Margaret's surname is Henden)
Walter T. Bibb was married to Ann Louisa Wheat the year 1844, Feb 17
Cornelius F. Bibb was married to Lucy A. Wilson Decr. 23, 1846
Mary Frances Bibb was married to Jas. L. Davis September 16, 1851.

Page 7

The ages and names of the children of Robert F. Bibb and Margarett Bibb his wife - formerly Margarett (/) Henden
Hellen Francis Bibb was born October the 18th 1842
Samuel Fleming Bibb was born March 31st 1844
Mary Virginia Bibb was born April 26th 1845
Victoria Bibb

(cgm note: Victoria Bibb was born about 1846 other children not listed were Harriett Bibb born 1848 and an infant born between May and June 1850. These children appeared in the 1850 census of Caroline County, and the above entries in the bible were apparently not made at the time of birth)

Patsey Mason, wife of Benj. Mason, departed this life Saturday night the 1st day of octr, 1842 inthe fifth third year of her age. She was a member of the Church at Mr. Carmel. Blessed be the dead that die in the Lord.
(cgm note: Patsey married Benjamin Mason who was the son of Samuel Mason and Elizabeth Burruss)

The ages and names of the children of Edmund Chiles and Elizabeth his wife
Lucy Ann Chiles was born March the 9th 1822
Fleming James Chiles was born January 16th 1824
Henry Elliott Chiles was born November 21, 1825

cgm note: There is a child born to this couple not mentioned above. He was Edmund C. Chiles born 1823. Again the owner(s) of the bible likely did not enter information for some time after an event. These are the children of Edmund C. Chiles son of William and Sarah Bibb Chiles, who married Elizabeth Ann Hargrave May 21, 1821 in Caroline County. Elizabeth Ann Hargrave was the daughter of Samuel and Lucy Terrell Hargrave.

The ages and names of Charlotte's children
Louisa Ann was born Dec 9th 1848
Bettey Ann was born May 28th 1851
Cornelius Franklin Quarles was born 19th July 1855
Cornelius James was born July 10th 1860
cgm note: the above I believe are slave births

Page 8

Lucy T. Bibb departed this life Feby the (?) 1817 in teh 7th month of her age
Nicholas Bibb Departed this life Decr. the (?) in the 9th day of his life
Alexander Franklin Bibb departed this life
Elizabeth Ann Bibb departed this life August the 19th 1825 in teh twelfth year of her age
John Henry Bibb departed this life February 13th 1829 in the 5th day of his age.
Cornelius F. Bibb departed this life Sunday morning about 4 o'clock 1848 in the 21st year of his age, August 19th
Samuel P. Bibb departed thie life Monday morning half after then o'clock, October 28th 1856
Jane Eliza Wheat, wife of Nathaniel F. Wheat departed this life Nov 9, 1870 in the 40th year of her age. She was a sister to the above.

Page 9

Charles Burrus was married Feby 11, 1819
Edmund Chiles was married May 2nd, 1821

Lewis departed this life Tuesday morning January 12th 1830 half after 10 o'clock in the thirty-sixth year of his age.
Salley bought of Henry Madigan was born in Feby 1817
Aggatha bot of Samuel Burrus was born in the year 1812
Lewis was born Sept 26, 1794
Chas was born in the year the best information I can get 1805
Esthers first child, Richard was born September 12, 1821
(? ) by Charles Meekins was born October 8, 1823
James was born Feb 16, 1825
Sharlott was born March 7 1827
Charles Elias was born April 21 1829
William was born September 11, 1831
Jesse was born September 8, 1835
John Henry was born Sept 20, 1839
cgm note: slave births

The ages and names of the children of Salley
Madison was born September the 3rd 1830
Samuel was born September the 22, 1831
George Washington was born July 20, 1814
cgm note: slave births

Lucy T. Bibb departed this life Feb, the (?) 1817 (
cgm note: d/o Fleming and Fanny Hargrave Bibb)

The ages of the children of John Burruss
Henry Burruss born the 23rd of Decr. 1769
Thomas Burruss born the 2nd of Sepr. 1772
John Burruss born the 14th of Decr. 1774
Nelson Burruss born the 12th of May 1777

cgm note: The above children were born the John Burruss, son of Jacob and Martha Harris Burruss and his wife Rachel Terrell Burruss, daughter of David and Agatha Chiles Terrell. John and Rachel married about 1765 in Caroline County, Virginia

Page 10

Martha Mary Burruss, wife of John Burruss departed this life Tuesday evening about one o'clock Sepr. the 8th in the ( ? ) year of her life. (This entry refers to Margaret Burruss,d/o Henry and Elizabeth Johnson Burruss, , who married her first cousin John Burruss, s/o Thomas and Knelly Bibb Burruss)

Rebecca Terrell, wife of Samuel Terrell departed this life Sunday night about 11 o'clock the 4th March 1838 in the 55th year of her life. (cgm note: Rebecca married Samuel Terrell son of David and Sarah Johnson Terrell. David who married Sarah Johnson was the son of David and Agatha Chiles Terrell)

John Terrell departed this life Tuesday night February the 16th 1839 in the 74th year of his age. (
cgm note: This was the son of Jonathan and Margaret Hunnicutt Terrell: Jonathan was the son of David and Agatha Chiles Terrell)

Henry Burruss departed this life Friday night Decr the 6th (????) in the 70th year of his age.
(cgm note: Henry Burruss died Dec 6, 1839 and was the son of John Burruss the preacher and Rachel Terrell who was the daughter of David and Agatha Chiles Terrell)

Captain James Morrison departed this life Sunday September 29th 1829 on his way home from the Saratoga Springs.

Robert Terrell departed this life Sunday evening 20 minutes after 2 o'clock February 9th 1845 in his 78th year of age. (cgm note: this was Robert S. Terrell, who married Sarah Burruss the d/o Henry and Elizabeth Johnson Burruss. The Caroline County death records show his death as Feb 9, 1846)

James D. Farish departed this life February the 10th 1845 in the 74th year (c
gm note: James D. Farish was the son of Robert and Judith Farish, and the grandson of Robert and Sarah Farish who were the parents of Catherine Farish who married Pleasant Terrell in 1762)

Pleasant Terrell departed this life April the 7th, 1847 in the 69th year of his age. (
cgm note: this is Pleasant Terrell born Nov 26, 1778, son of Pleasant and Catherine Farish Terrell. He married Lucy Trevillian in Caroline County on Feb 4, 1807)

Pages 11-13 contain information on the Wheat Family. Please email me for these pages if you are interested and I will provide a copy -

Page 14

Fleming Bibb born 15th August 178 (?)
Fanny G. Bibb born 8th Octr 179 (?)
Edna E. Bibb born 17th March 1810
Same P. Bibb born 18th Sept 1812
Lucy T. Bibb born 15th July 1816
Nicholas Bibb born 11th Dec 1817
Robert F. Bibb born 27th Nov 1818
Walter T. Bibb born 11 th Nov 1820
A;exander Franklin Bibb 28th Sept 1822
David G. Bibb 22nd Sept 1823
Thomas E. Bibb 2nd Oct 1825
Cornelius F. Bibb 29th August 1827
John Henry Bibb and Mary F. Bibb twins born 9th Feb 1829
Jane E. Bibb 11th April 1831, mother of Celeste Wheat

Page 15-16

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Page 17

Mary Woofolk departed this life February 25, 1832 after a short attack, all most sudden.
Lucy C. Burruss, wife of Charles Burruss departed this life November teh 4th 1840 in the forth third year of her life
Elizabeth Ann Chiles, wife of Edmund Chiles departed this life Friday October 20th 1843 in the forty third year of her age.
James Terry departed this life Thursday 4 October in teh evening after a severe attack of Billious pleurisy. He died the 7th day of his illness.
Nelson Lowery Departed this life Friday July 11 1834. He died the 8th day of his illness about 10 o'clock PM
John Sacra, departed this life Thursday evening about 2 o'clock, March 1, 1838 in the 73rd year of his life according to his own information a few days previous to his death.

Page 18

Names of Aggay's children
Maria Jane born July 3, 1829
Hulda born Oct 12, 1830
Lansey Lewis born March 3, 1833 and died the 2nd day of July same year
Emily born August 4, 1834
Angelina by William was born August the 31 1838
Hilliard born June 17, 1840
cgm note: possible slave births

Fleming Bibb made a profession of his faith in our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ before Members of Carmel Church and was baptized by Elder Laine Hamif(?) in Northanna Tuesday August the 12th 1842 and joined the Church 13th of the above month

Fanny Bibb made a profession of her faith at the same Church and on the 13th of the same month, and was baptized by the same man the 14th of the 2nd month at the above named place.

Also David G. Bibb on the same day of his mother.

Allen Burruss and his sister Malvina at the same time of Fanny and David. Wm. Qualres, Rufus K. chandler and others - the meeting held 11 days.

Mary France Bibb was baptized September 3, 1843 by Elder Saml H. (missing). Jane Eliza Bibb was baptized by Elder Allen at temples (obscure) May 12, 1849

Betty Ann Wheat and Lucy Ann Bibb............words

1st Pompey Doger was folded August 1829 bought at Capt Geo. Anderson's sale.
2nd. Fanny Lightfoot a bay mare was got by William Dayton's young.......Alfred and out of a bay mare, Bet, was folded March the 30th 183....
3rd Johnson, a bay horse got of Peyton R. Johnson was folded in the year 183......

Page 20

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