This Bible was found in the archives of the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia. The archive number is 32298 and covers the years 1817-1918. Notes indicate that the families lived in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and Caswell County, NC. The bible was printed in 1846, translated out of The Original Greek with translations diligently compared and revised.





 John A.(Wesley) Gunn was born in the year of our lord 1817 September 7th, 


 Martha J. Gunn was born February the 1st 1820

(This is Martha J. Harrelson w/o John Wesley Gunn), 

(Not in the Bible but the below are children of John and Martha Gunn above)


 Mary Cathrine Gunn was Jan (sic) born January 12th 1840, 


 Starling Gunn was born June the 9th 1843, 


 Martha Susan Gunn was (sic) September the 4th 1845, 


 Elisabeth Wilson Gunn was born June 19th ? 1847, (could be June 17, 1847) 


 John Allen Gunn was born July 1st 1849, 


 Hiram Leroy Gunn was born 17th of March 1852, 


 Nancey A. Gunn was born July the 31st 1854, 


 Richard G. Gunn was born May 13, 1857, 






 Gary (difficult to read may be Lary) born 1842, 


 _Elen was born ___________no date, 


 Daniel was born January 4th 1862, 


 Mariah was born July 11, 1863, 




 Mary Katherine Gunn married James Bentley Page, 


 Starling Gunn married Mary Adeline Jones, 


 Martha Susan Gunn married Bedford Jackson Page, 


 Elizabeth Wilson Gunn not married, 


 John Allen Gunn married Laura Ann Adkins, 


 Hiram Leroy Gunn married Virginia Elizabeth Gunn, 


 Nancy Ann Gunn married _____________illegible Shelton

(cgm note: Nancy Ann married George Henry Shelton), 


 Richard G. Gunn married ____________illegible Elizabeth Rudd

(cgm note: Nannie Elizabeth Rudd)





 Mary Katherine Page died Dec 1918, 


 Martha Susan Page died Sept 1908, 


 John Allen Gunn died March 1st 1909, 


 Hiram Leroy Gunn died June 1909, 


 Nancy A. Shelton died Dec 1898, 


 Richard Griffin Gunn died March 7, 1909