William Scott Compton - Angelina Gunn Family Bible


 Angelina Gunn was the daughter of William Gunn and Sarah "Sally" Clack Cross of Amelia and Brunswick County, Virginia.


Transcript of W. S. Comptons bible.
This bible is in the possession of Robert DeWitt Compton Jr., a ggrandson of W. S. Compton

William Compton was born December 25, 1767 on a farm in Culpeper Co., VA. and moved to Davidson Co. TN in 1792. In 1799 he married Susan Mullen, born October 17,1776 in Hertford Co., NC. Susan was the daughter of an early settler of Davidson Co., William Scott Mullen and Mary Brett Mullen.

William Scott Compton was born January 6, 1805, Davidson County, TN. William Scott was named after his maternal grandfather, William Scott Mullen. His parents were William Compton of VA and Susan(Susanna)Mullen Compton. William Scott Compton was the second of 7 children born to William and Susan Mullen Compton.

The following information is, as nearly as possible, a direct transcript of the bible purchased by William Scott Compton shortly after his marriage to Angelina L. Gunn Ward in 1827.

William S. Compton, 6th April, 1846
""I have had this book about 19 years (this is inked out and ''later, say 17'') at this date 6 April, 1846.""

William Scott Compton b. January 6, 1805, died June 25, 1882, buried in the Compton Family Cemetery, Dew, Freestone Co., Texas.
Married on April 6, 1827
Angelina Louisa Gunn Ward, b. August 6, 1808, died June 17, 1880, buried in the Compton Family Cemetery, Dew, Freestone Co., Texas.
Marriages: William S. Compton was married to Angelina L. Ward on the 6th day of April 1826. William S. Compton was 21 years and three months, Angelina L. Ward was aged 18 years.


Felix Richard Compton, born 10th day of August, 1829 -- Morgan Co. AL
Thomas Eldridge Compton, born 4th day of March, 1831 -- Morgan Co. AL
Henry Maclin Compton, born 22nd day of December, 1832 -- Morgan Co. AL
Edwin Allen Compton, born 17th day of July, 1834 -- Morgan Co. AL
William Francis Compton, born 8th day of April, 1836 -- Morgan Co. AL
Elizabeth Blackman Compton, born 2nd day of November, 1837 -- Morgan Co. AL
Mary Louisa Compton, born 27th day of October, 1839 -- Morgan Co. AL
James Edward Compton, born 6th day of October, 1842 -- Morgan Co. AL
Mariah Jane Compton, born 11th day of July, 1844 -- Morgan Co. AL
Joseph Elliston Compton, born 9th day of March, 1846 -- Morgan Co. AL
Robert Neville Compton, born 24th day of March, 1849 -- Freestone Co. TX
Willis Winston Compton, born 14th day of March, 1852 -- Freestone Co. TX
DeWitt Kimble Compton, born 21st day of August,1853 -- Freestone Co. TX


Felix Richard Compton to Susan Connaway(also shown as Conway), 6 day of Oct. 1857
Births: James William, 15 March 18--- (ink blot)
Martha Jane, 10 Se--- page torn out

page 2

(pasted in page)
William Gunn was born 15th March 1767
Sarah C. Crop (now known to be Cross). Her full name was Sarah Clack Cross, was born 2nd June 1773
Angelina L. Gunn was born 6th day of April 1808
Angelina L. Gunn was married to Ansel Ward 15th day of January 1820; Ansel Ward died 15th September, 1825. Sarah Ann Ward was born 11th September 1822.
Mrs. Ward was married to Wm S. Compton on 6th April 1826.

Mary Louisa Compton to Samuel T. Johnson on the 17th day of June 1856. She was 18 years, 8 months and 24 days old.
Mary Louisa died Nov. 28, 1875, Little boy died March 12, 1877
Elizabeth B. Compton was married to Robert T. Johnson on the 16th day of November 1854. She was 17 years 14 days old.
Thomas E. Compton to Matilda James, Nov. 26, 1857
William Francis Compton to Mollie High - no date given
Robert Neville to Harriet F. Thomasson
Willis Winston Compton to Callie E. Thomasson, Oct. 2, 1872
Mamie Newell Compton, daughter of W. W. Compton & C. E. Compton, born July 29, 1873
Maggie Louisa Compton, daughter of W. W. Compton & C. E. Compton, born 7 Feb. 1875
James Edward Compton, son of W. W. Compton & C. E. Compton, born 10th March, 1880
Wm. Henry Compton, son of W. W. Compton & C. E. Compton, born Nov. 13th, 1883
Ezra May Compton, daughter of W. W. Compton & C. E. Compton, born May 6th, 1891
Robert DeWitt Compton, son of W. W. Compton &; C. E. Compton, born Febry, 16th 1889
DeWitt Kimble Compton to Nancy Theodosia Strothers Jones, December 17, 1871


Edwin Allen Compton died 6th March 1848
Maria Jane Compton died 10th March 1848
Elizabeth B. Johnson died 24 July 1855, aged 17 yrs, 8 mos. 22 days. Her baby born??, died this morning, the 25th July, 1855.
James Edward Compton died 8th Oct. 1863, aged 21 years and two days.
Felix Richard Compton died 14th day of May 1865 & his wife Susan Compton formerly Susan Conway died 1st March 1866 leaving to us, W. S. &; A. L Compton two small children, James William &; Martha Jane &; therefore we have entered their ages on this record.